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  1. Thanks Bee and Jonathan. Somehow I find it comforting to put it out here. I know I have to get comftorable with myself. I do notice that in the days I'm not comftorable with myself or when I overthink too much I tend to blush more. But your guys' encouragement and advice really helps
  2. Hello, I am 22 years old. I find it a bit hard to talk to the people in my life about my anxiety so I thought I'd try looking for people who might understand. Some people may see me as out going but thats only from the people I've know for a VERY long time and who are like family to me. With new people it tends to be the opposite and they usually describe me as shy or quiet. I guess something I'm willing to admit on here is that I am a chronic blusher. In new situations, with new people, out in public I tend to blush or even in random situation. I have found that usually when I dress up and put on make up Idon't blush as much as I do when I do not wear any make up on. I'd like to leave my foundation behind somedays but it has seriosuly turned into my safety blanket, even though at times my blushing shows up even when I have makeup on (but not as much as when I go bar skined). It does affect me everyday. Before I leave my house I have to prep myself mentally and I guess sort of place myself in the situation I'm going to be in. For example, If I am going to the store, I'll place myself there mentally and say that "its ok, no need to blush." It sounds dumb but it helps sometimes. There are days when my blushing is managable and then there are those other days that just make the days longer. I think I like to challemge myself too because I am currently in college and my major is in social work. A lot of SOCIAL interaction that goes on that I have been able to survive through so far. I usually don't talk about this because I feel like most won't understand how I feel but I thought maybe on here it's something I could put out there. Thanks.