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  1. Hi Melody, I'm new here too. I can definitely sympathise with you. I have ocd and I obsess over things to do with my son and other things (such as I feel like a failure, etc) and I have intrusive thoughts. I am currently having cognitive behavioural therapy and it is helping slowly but it is very hard because you are forced to face your fears. I was on medication for 5.5 years but I recently came off it and I'm hoping I can stay off although I'm still unsure if I will manage that. If you would like to chat feel free to get in touch xx
  2. Hi, I have intrusive thoughts and I think I would probably have these no matter how I lived. I agree though that with other aspects of anxiety and ocd that perhaps if we didn't certain things it wouldn't be as bad but I do still think it would exist xx
  3. Hi I'm new. I'm 25 and from the uk. I have anxiety, ocd and depression and am hoping to make friends with others who suffer the same xx