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  1. I agree with the other posters - it depends on how the compulsions are effecting your life. There are some things that are just harmless quirks and others that have a detrimental effect. And I've even seen a few in myself that I could consider as beneficial.
  2. I take 30 mg of Paxil daily for OCD and anxiety and it works wonderfully. I was one of the lucky ones who was helped by the first medicine they tried. Do NOT try to go off Paxil cold turkey though because the withdrawal symptoms are awful. I found that when I ran out over the weekend and had to go a couple days without.
  3. I did foster care for several years and have adopted one child. i have OCD and anxiety but it is well controlled with Paxil. I told the social worker about it and there was no problem at all. I don't know know how the department of social services where you are is, but the here would much rather have all the information upfront than find out about it later. Good luck!
  4. I would definitely recommend this book. It's very touching and sad, but it's also a very real story of what she and so many others had to go through during that time. I've read it several times and would enjoy reading it again.
  5. This sounds like a book that would be good for both my daughter and I. We both struggle sometimes with self esteem issues. Thank You for recommending it.
  6. There is a farmer's market near me and we have shopped there occasionally.I love being able to buy fresh, locally grown vegetables and fruit. This year I'm hoping to get there more. I may even buy enough to can and freeze some.
  7. I also wanted to add that the reason I had a question is that although his current diagnosis stands as ADHD they ADHD meds have no effect but Risperidone has been the medication that has brought us to a place of relative normality.
  8. I understand why some would feel that 5 is too young to be diagnosed with ADHD. I struggled with it myself. I felt that at this age surely if I made sure he had a healthy diet, and an active lifestyle it would be enough. I tried having a highly structured schedule. I tried a relaxed schedule thinking maybe I was over structuring. I tried consistent discipline in the form of time outs and positive reinforcement. He is the youngest of three and I am a child care provider so I am very familiar with all types of behavior and this was far outside the range of typical behavior. It was only after I had reached a point of such mental and physical exhaustion trying to cope with this that I finally agreed to try medication. I've had to eat a lot of my own words but this has helped us all tremendously, him most of all because he can function happily. We are still fine tuning the best therapies for him, and we still spend hours every day playing outside. We are not big tv watchers because I've never believed it was good for kids to spend a lot of time in front of the tv. I appreciate the input here and am looking forward to learning more.
  9. I've often wondered if some of the things preemies go through in the hospital (or any child in the hospital) can cause PTSD. My five year old son was born at 27 weeks and the first seven months of his life were a struggle just to keep him alive. He spent the majority of that time in the hospital. He now exhibits some of the symptoms I've heard and read can be caused by PTSD.
  10. Love this! My favorites - Do what you love and do it often; Live your dream and share your passion; and, Stop over analyzing, life is simple. Truly words to remember.
  11. Wow! I hope that requirement doesn't get passed. It's hard enough to deal with all the other fallout of domestic abuse without having to go through an evaluation like that.
  12. A massage therapist does wonders for neck and shoulder pain. I used to go to one regularly until I couldn't afford it anymore. I like the idea of calling a local college to see if they have students who need the practice.
  13. I'm sorry yesterday was such a rough day and I hope today is better for you. I have days like that too and I know they are hard. But it does get better. I always try to tell myself that the bad days never last forever and tomorrow will be a better day.
  14. That is a wonderful article. And you're right, the tips seem very doable. My largest diet focus recently has been cutting (not cutting out completely) pastas and bread and greatly increasing my fruit and vegetable intake. I'm also working on stopping eating as soon as I start feeling full. I'm starting to see a difference in how I feel and losing a little weight. :-)
  15. My favorite comfort foods are Doritos and double cheeseburgers. So unhealthy and yet so yummy! I do try hard not to allow myself to have them very often though because once I start eating them it's hard to stop.