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  2. I don't like aging either. Most of my friends are either 10 years older or 10 years younger 🤣 So they can't relate to me very well. Yes, 35 is objectively quite young. But, you don't have to BE old to FEEL old. Don't let people dismiss your worries. They are real to you. For example I, at 22, suddenly realized my youth was over (or so I thought) and was so depressed for months. Nobody took me seriously. It was terrible. I hope you find people who are understanding to you 🙂
  3. 2018 was quite awhile ago. You'd have more than headache by now I think.
  4. Had them a lot in the spring but they kind of went away on their own and now I am feeling them again. I don't know what to do.
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  6. I agree, unlikely a brain tumor. I've also heard that, what MARC said. The reason being that a brain tumor, when it's large enough to cause pain, is definitely large enough that it's almost certainly causing other more telling symptoms of such a tumor. Sinuses, allergies and tension are all much more likely - and any combination of those three will exacerbate it. Poor sleep habits / quality can contribute to frequent headaches, as can too much caffeine, alcohol, etc. I'd recommend daily stretching and other exercises. Take it easy at first if you're not used to it, don't overdo it.
  7. I agree, call the pediatrician if unsure and concerned. But if it's deep in there and you have to dig for it, it's probably normal anatomy, IMO.
  8. I think it could def he sinus I do have allergies all time and also my neck I don’t sleep in a good position. I just am afraid since it’s been long time. I’ve been to dr for other worries she didn’t seem to think anything wrong with me
  9. I’ve been to dr since I don’t think I mentioned of more than once she wasn’t concerned
  10. Speculation can be very stressful, so if I were you, I would call his pediatrician.
  11. Now I'm not so sure it's a lymph node. It feels different. It's still small but it feels like it's deep in his neck. It feels like it's in the muscle that runs up the back of your neck.
  12. My friends wife passed away from ALS at age 62 in December 2020. Her first symptom was a very noticeable hand movement. It was like her hand was waving goodbye. She had no twitching.
  13. Hi. Fishbomb. Welcome to AC. Absolutely spot on. I have said before, there are no medical machines that can detect anxiety. Many people get anxious and worry, but that is not real anxiety. It usually passes. Anxiety is when the fear and worry becomes chronic and interferes with our life. Your heart rate may well climb and you may experience all the classic anxiety symptoms, but there is nothing physically wrong with you to cause this. Anxiety can mimic any known disease, and even some we make up ourselves. If it's in your mind it can be experienced, and the more you read about it (Googling!!) the worse it becomes. Suppose I tell you that your symptoms are those of Mississippi swamp fever. (Don't look it up, it's not there). It's been planted in your mind and in anxiety we can become convinced it's that and the fun begins. You can't stop thinking about it. It can become an obsessive thought and be with you 24/7. That's chronic anxiety!! You have been checked out so accept what they tell you and try and accept that for the moment you will feel this way. It will NOT become an ocean if you ACCEPT what it is. Everyone drops things. I do often but that's me!! Have you noticed how slippery everything is. Even paper objects are so slippery these days. It seems everything has to be plasticised.
  14. Hi. Ekr4eva. Being constantly scared is a sure way to prolong the anxiety. It just stokes up the fire! Now please understand that I am not for one moment minimising your suffering, Been there and I do know. To stop worrying is not easy, not one bit. But it can be done if you ACCEPT for the moment what is happening. Unfortunately when we have visual problems it's more difficult because we have to see, and any disturbance in our sight is so plainly obvious. But even that can be accepted. As MARC quite rightly says, if you rub or interfere in any way with your vision it can cause all sorts of problems. Leave your eyes alone!! To put your mind at rest, and it will, see your GP. Don't be afraid to go. Anxiety is something they deal with every day, especially in these days.
  15. The type of twitching you are worried about is a very specific kind caused by the disconnect between the lower motor neurons (neurons in the spine) and the muscle. By the time this type of twitching happens, the connection is already seriously damaged/non-existent and the EMG can not miss it. That specific type of damage is frequently picked up on during emg exams before there are noticeable issues. You simply can not get it "too soon". If the emg does not detect an issue, the twitching is caused by something else that is NOT what you fear. A reminder that the vast majority of people in the world twitch. The trouble for the people worried about it here is that they notice it more, focus on it more and assign a sinister reason for an entirely normal thing that happens to everyone. Anxiety amplifies twitching, which is just such a bummer of a response to a thing already causing anxiety!
  16. Thank you @MARC!! I’m wondering if it was a pre cursor to the ocular migraine I am currently experiencing. Ugh.
  17. Last week
  18. My physician told me that the typical first sign of a brain tumor are seizures. If you had a brain tumor, your symptoms would have worsened by now. Your pain may be muscular, sinus related, neck related, etc. I would consult with a physician.
  19. A number of years ago I suddenly had some flashing lights at the corner of both eyes. It happened a number of times and the first thing I thought of was a possible detached retina. I went to my Opthamologist, who dilated my pupils and no problem was found. He told me that sometimes if you rub your eyes too hard or too often then this could have caused the flashing.
  20. Thank you so much @jonathan123!!! I feel like even these last couple days I have been so much more sensitive to everything I am seeing. Like I am questioning my sight. I’m so scared it will happen again. But praying this is all what you think. All anxiety related. I’ve had anxiety and panic for over 30 years of my life, and nothing like this has ever happened, so that’s why I am so disturbed by it. But thank you again for giving me some peace of mind.
  21. Hey! I have major fears relating to this aswell, but something that helps really is rationalising what you're thinking. Like, when you say you're dropping things, do you mean you dropped one thing, became hyperaware, and suddenly started dropping more because you were over thinking your actions? I'm terrible for that, distraction is the best thing for me. Lots of YouTube videos, PC games, phone calls to friends and family, roping my partner into walks against his will 😂 keep your mind busy and you'll get through this x
  22. Hey, if it helps any, I'm on antidepressants too, have been for a while now, and on and off for about 6 years. They've literally saved my life at times, there's no shame in a helping hand to get better. You don't get a medal for getting through this without them, so my thinking is I may aswell take all the help I can get. You'll get to the other side ❤️
  23. Have you been to a doctor at all about it? If so, what have they said?
  24. Hi all! Some of you know I’ve been twitching for over a year now. I was sick with stress most of the year with ALS fear. I had an EMG and NCS back in April and it was clean. I still have the twitching all over even in tongue sometimes. Was the test done too early? I was feeling good for a while but I was dropping things the other day and it started again. Is dropping things normal? I feel like everyone says that it a sign. I’m trying to get out of this pond quick before it becomes an ocean thanks friends ❤️
  25. Almost everyday since 2018 maybe before I get headaches when I wake up they go away sometimes with Motrin. They are all over head I’m worried it’s a brain tumor. I read you could have a brown tumor years and not know it. I have no symptoms but that what do you think
  26. My wife is a pharmacist and she said that many factors contribute to how quickly anti depressants work. The factors are how depressed the person is, the dosage and what type of drug is being taken.
  27. Jonathan, your words were so comforting in the past; you truly know what to say. I particularly like your blog on ‘giving up’. Honestly, at this point I think I have developed some kind of anxiety disorder because of the weird chest surges and leg skin hypersensitive. I think about it constantly. And most certainly I was raised in a chaotic, tumultuous household, which doesn’t help. I’ve had bizarre symptoms on and off my whole life, probably due to anxiety. My doctor pointed this out as well. He’s a good guy, but really doctors don’t know what to do in the psychology realm. What a terrible cycle I have myself in. I remember a woman on this site who I used to be in touch with had awful neurological symptoms (again nothing could be found) and they finally went away after a few years when a demarcated event occurred - her marriage ended. I guess I keep wondering what I need to do. I’m just hoping that the antidepressant will allow my mind to calm down a bit. I’ve never taken them more than two weeks in the past because quite frankly I’ve always been afraid of them for some reason. And you are right, 10 years is a long time, which scares me in itself. Thank you Jonathan. I hope you are well.
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