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  2. I was put on an EKG during my eye hemorrhage - elevated BP due to decongestants! I should have taken antihistamines because the allergies and a faulty electric air filter were to blame. They didn't find anything wrong with an EKG. My father had a heart attack, but he smoked and didn't exercise - I am the exact opposite. My stepmother recently had a pacemaker put in and her brother has Afib. SHe is pushing me to get checked out regardless. She doesn't want me going early (my dad was two months short of 61). @SurferJoe Anxeity elevates blood pressure -> FIGHT OR FLIGHT! If you're hypervigilant, you are in TURBO mode.
  3. I have had PVC's for many years off and on. The cardiologist I saw told me that when they happen very frequently, say, 20,000 per day or you have underlying heart disease, then they may be of concern, or someone may need to be monitored more closely or undergo more testing.
  4. So been going on for awhile now few months started with anal pain then peeing a lot went to doc said had a little blood in urine didn't seem to worried about anal said I had prostatitis took antibiotics for 9 days got better but had allergic reaction to meds anal pain stopped but not feeling like I have to pee all the time worse when bladder is empty once semi full pain subsides a little went back to doc still doesn't seem to worried I'm freaked out cause when I googled it main this is bladder cancer I'm 35 can't shake the thought now anyone have anything like this
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  6. So, I went to the doctor, yesterday. I had made an appointment after my high blood pressure scare in mid-May. My blood pressure was high again, but he thinks it's likely anxiety related. My BP has been pitch perfect every visit with him up until yesterday. He wants me to come back in a few weeks. I explained my weird chest sensations and he didn't appear to be worried. He felt it was again, anxiety related. He said he could give me an EKG, but he didn't feel like I needed one. He said it would just be for my peace of mind. I decided against it. We went over a few things I could do (some I'm already doing) to keep myself calm. He wants me to get back on Lexipro. My psychiatrist had me on it, but then I went off it because I'm not a fan of SSRI's. I'm considering it again. Anyway, I feel somewhat better. Not better, better, but a little calmer.
  7. Though this is a great community, often reading other people describe their symptoms makes me look for those symptoms in myself. I thought I saw faint red in my pee but it could be my mind tricking me since I’ve been reading and hearing a lot about that lately.
  8. Hello, Ellebel. I’m sorry to hear what you’re going through. I know it’s not easy for anyone not to worry or fear. But fear will only make us feel miserable -- will not do anything good. Since your tests have come out clear, just stay calm and relax. Like Paulsey said, focus on how you can enjoy your time with your growing baby inside. I hope everything goes well with you. Senidng hugs & prayers your way!
  9. The 2022 FIFA World Cup was the 21st FIFA World Cup, an international football tournament contested by the men's national teams of the member associations of FIFA. It was held in Qatar from 21 November to 18 December 2022 and was the first World Cup to be held in a hot desert country.
  10. The 2022 FIFA World Cup was the 21st FIFA World Cup, an international football tournament contested by the men's national teams of the member associations of FIFA. It was held in Qatar from 21 November to 18 December 2022 and was the first World Cup to be held in a hot desert country.
  11. FIFA World Cup 2022 is a worldwide event that will take place in 2022. It's the first FIFA World Cup 2022 to be held in the Middle East!
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  13. Air conditioning can mess with sinuses - air filtration can be a factor. The body is reacting to the cold. That's normal - the body shivers to generate heat and goos bumps are just a sign of that - "thickening' the hair space from the skin to hold in heat. Nausea can be just nerves, too. I can't eat when I am very anxious. Nasal sprays should help with the nasal drip. It dries out the production through antihistamines.
  14. Thanks for the replies, everyone. It helps. I've been struggling with them off and on since that Thursday. I've noticed that when my mind is engaged that I don't notice anything. For instance, we went out of town on Saturday for a concert: 4 hour drive, swam with the kids at the hotel, went to a great show (Willie Nelson!) and felt great all night long. I lulled myself into the thought of hey, you're past this. Sunday started out great, maybe an odd feeling here and there, but nothing that threw me off. This morning was a different matter, however. It was back to work, and rushing around the house trying to get the kids ready and yeah, I felt a "flutter" or something on my way to work. I felt it a few times. It freaked me out. I'm working on calming myself when it happens. One thing that does happen, however, is that they make me feel unhealthy. I get scared to push myself. The idea of going for a run is terrifying: I'm going to push my "damaged" heart past the breaking point.
  15. Thanks for the advice! The magnesium supplement I've been taking actually includes potassium (though not a lot of it). I do eat Greek yogurt and salmon pretty regularly, as well as potatoes, leafy greens, and poultry. (I wish I liked bananas but even the smell of them makes me gag!) I should probably pay more attention to just how much I'm getting, though. I may be getting less than I think I am. The muscle cramping itself seems to be easing; I haven't woken up with any charley horses in a few days and am making conscious efforts not to stretch my muscles in a way that might bring one on. My left leg is still achy a lot of the time, though, my ankles are a little sore (not the joint, but the muscles and stuff around it) and I woke up to restless legs several times just last night. I'm hoping the achiness and sore ankles are just from me "checking" for muscle cramps and moving my legs and feet in ways I normally wouldn't (stupid HA). The RLS I've had for decades and can deal, but it's annoying when it's this bad.
  16. Hi ellebel i know how you feel. I had breast pain left side only since January this year. I could only describe the pain as burning, throbbing and more in one spot than another. I also noticed a change in nipple so went to doc ASAP and was referred to one stop clinic for assessment. i had full examination, mammogram and they reassured me all was clear and no probs but no answer for the nipple change other than could be anything! Needless to say since then I haven’t slept, eaten properly and worried sick that they have missed something. Went back to doc this month who examined me thoroughly and said he had no concerns and that mammogram was clear so I should be reassured. like you I still worry but keep trying to reassure myself now....thing is though the pain is different now and sometimes in other spots now too so wonder if my HA is contributing but I am pushing for another referral to clinic for my own peace of mind now. You have a lovely time ahead with a new baby on the way so you don’t want to spoil that with unnecessary worry so go and get checked again if only for your own mental health....that’s exactly what I’m doing now despite the fear it will bring. let me know how it goes for you and take care.
  17. I have pretty bad post nasal drip quite a bit and get nausea too. My GI physician has told me that in many cases the cause of nausea is never found.
  18. Thanks for taking time to reply. My fears are consuming me, once again. My sinuses are definetly acting up, I can feel pressure and have huge amounts of post nasal drip. But I'm also feeling chilly when I am somewhere with an air condition and get goose bumps some times. I really don't know what to tackle to make my life a little bit better and don't lose everything I have.
  19. Also worried that even if I am the doctor won't notice it in my checkups.
  20. I have a post nasal drip issue. That can contribute to nausea. I originally had a prescription for Flonase, but you can buy it over the counter. It's a 24-hour dose.
  21. Good morning guys, my acid reflux seems to have go down but I am having continuous nausea and most of the time I don't feel like eating. Also, post nasal drip is continuous. Came on a weekend break with my wife and I managed to ruin it as I am sure I'm sick due to the nausea. It is now affecting my life and I do not like it.
  22. I would try banana's, watermelon, avocados, spinach, salmon, lentils and Greek yogurt.
  23. Potassium can help with muscle cramping.
  24. My wife gets very painful leg cramps at times and needs to walk around for a while before they go away. The doctor said not to worry.
  25. I've had restless leg syndrome since I was a kid (probably about 30 years now). I've also, for maybe 20-25 years, woken up from charley horses maybe 2-3 times a year. No big deal. About 3 weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night with a charley horse in my left calf. I got out of bed, stretched the muscle, and it went away. I fell back to sleep and didn't think about it again. The next night, I woke up with an even worse one in my right calf. This one was stubborn, and it took a few minutes to work it out. The next day my right calf was really sore, and it took about a week for the soreness to go away completely. The really weird thing is that I've been getting them with some frequency in both legs ever since, during both the day and the night. I can even sort of "induce" them sometimes if I try to stretch my legs a certain way (which I'm trying not to do, but sometimes it's just a normal stretch, or like a ballet pointed-toe foot stretch). My legs feel weak a lot of the time, though they don't actually seem to be clinically weak, my left leg has been achy and my RLS has been been pretty bad at night. Sometimes my ankles feel like they're stuck or don't want to move right, and my feet feel like they want to cramp as well and sometimes actually do. I've started taking a magnesium supplement but I'm not sure how long I'd have to take it before I started to feel a difference, if that's actually what's causing it. I'm not diabetic, but I did just experience a large kidney stone, and from what I understand kidney disease can be a cause of frequent charley horses. However, between diagnosis on March 31 and when I eventually passed it on May 30, I had comprehensive bloodwork twice, four urine tests, an abdominal CT scan, three kidney x-rays and one renal ultrasound - I think if I had kidney disease, someone would've noticed. I'm not dehydrated. I do sit for most of the day thanks to my desk job - could it be that? I don't have the greatest posture thanks to all that sitting. Otherwise, all I can think of is that I've developed some scary neuromuscular disease. I'm not afraid of blood clots; I know it's not that. Anyone experience anything like this and have it not be something worrisome? I've been doing pretty good with my anxiety lately; I'm mad that this is affecting me like it is.
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  27. Sooooo here i am again, freakin out with my carcinophobia ruining my life.. for months now my left breast has had an ache. Occasionally out of the blue but there is always a tender spot when pressed, same spot! i had ultrasound and mammo: clear! Mri of breast where one dokter stated he saw a mildly suspicious area around the painarea and recommended biopsy. When i went for biopsy they had appearantly reread my mri paired with the clear mammo/usg and decided i was all clear. Just normal tissue they said, no biopsy needed. I am super super confused but tried to let it go. Its been 7 months since. The aches are still there as is the sore spot. I am pushing for a second opinion although new scand wont be possibly bec im 8 weeks pregnant. guess im looking for reassurance, more ladies who experienced long term aches or tender spots in one breast only . You would save my life 😉
  28. One of the best tests to check for any upper GI issue is an EGD according to my GI physician who is the head of the department at a large regional hospital here in Baltimore. The test is very low risk, very quick and will help alleviate any speculation and worry. I had an ulcer in my lower esophagus around 15 years ago and the EGD diagnosed it. I have had an EGD many times with no ill effects.
  29. Basically it is a bacteria that causes gastritis, inflammation, acid reflux, and ulcers. I’m thinking I have it. If not… well then. I’m not sure at that point. I’ll find out soon enough.
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