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  2. Well I found my family! Hi health anxiety friends. I'm relieved to not feel alone. Since my 2 children came along I know I've changed. I have terrible anxiety about my health and that of my kids. Well new HA this month is breast C. I've had leaking boobs for 2 years, barely breastfed, but ok, the leaking is rare, but it's there. My Gyno found high prolactin levels and said oh, it could be a pituatory tumor... great, thanks sir. So, I'm waiting for an MRI of the pituatory gland in 5 days... this will be a long 5 days. Meanwhile, my mother had BC, so yeah, I'm 35 but he wanted me to get my first mamogram. I've had itching over my boobs, nipples and armpits. I didn't mention that to him because it's only been happening for a few days. I swear I've Google itching boobs and armpits and it tells me I'll probably die in 5 years. Ladies, help. I just cry, roll into my pillow and Google all day and night. The itching is weird right? I've even had a televisit to get an MRI order also, because I read: mamogram isn't always accurate or good enough, and you know, all I've done is think about the BC thing. Over the last 2 years since lockdown, I've had sinus issues, numerous CT scans and MRIs for sinus issues so here we go again with more scans. Hoping it's nothing. Trying not to Google until my scans are done and results are back. I'll be here itching my boobs if anyone is wondering! Thanks for the space to rant. My husband is over my bullshit worrying, but he's bringing me tea and still smiling at me.
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  6. @JungleJulia1 Yeah - it's been quiet. There are several people who still post here, so keep checking in - I do! is a partner site (I have known the owners for years) and has a bit more activity. I am a mod there, too.
  7. booooo. Must be my computer. Anyway, sounds like there's not much happening 😕 Quiet here these days!
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  9. It came up for me, but there isn't any activity ☹️
  10. Hi Ironman, Nice to meet you! Looks like the chat room no longer works, or is it my computer?
  11. I have issues with my BP medication if I get up too fast, the blood flow is slow and I feel like i oculd black out. I am NOT 90 years old lol. I am still spry. They just told me "just don't get up as fast". I wonder what that does. I am having an anxiety episode now, just in time for my recently reduced medication dosage. It's going to be FUN.
  12. You're not alone in the struggle - welcome back!
  13. Hey my old friend! Looks like you haven't logged in for a while but thought I'd stop by and say hello! I hope you're doing well xx

  14. Posting on my old page! I cannot remember my login for this account so find me on this new one 🙂

  15. Hey Gill, Looks like you haven't logged in for a while but thought I'd drop by and say hi 🙂 I hope you're doing well xx

  16. Hey new friends and old friends :) I lost my old login so had to create a new account, but those of you who have been here forever will remember me. Been struggling a bit lately and thought I'd come and say hi.
  17. Update: I talked with a doctor and he told me that with my big workouts I do regularly I would be noticing things wrong if there was an issue. Due to it being A-Symptomatic, with no other problems or anything happening, he said it was almost certainly nothing and to ignore it. I will mention it to my general next month but likely he will say the same. Chalk that up as another wasted anxiety session. Bah!
  18. Ya. This is why I don’t think it’s actually my heart. I have no symptoms at all. It’s just the device and it’s only a SINGLE heart rate ping among the hundreds of normal ones. I shaved my arm hair off under my watch, it was a lot. It hasn’t even done it since doing that yesterday. I drink about a gallon of water per day.
  19. Here's something to chime in on. I kinda fall into this category with all the running I do. I have a BIG problem with dehydration, even in the winter. Vasovagal syncope is what they describe here. Are you making sure you are eating enough or drinking enough water?
  20. Ya. I plan to talk to my general about it in April when I do that appointment. There would be no way for me to where another device at all times for the random blue moon moment that it shows it happening. If the doctor is concerned he’ll probably have me where heart monitor for a week or something to see if there is any issue. I’d guess though since there are no symptoms of it and it is only Technology based that he’ll say “come back if there is another problem as well such as light headed, dizzy, short of breath, etc.”
  21. I would at least see if another device would reveal that. I wouldn't completely dismiss it until you can confirm it is just your watch.
  22. Ya, the main issue is I can't ever catch it doing it. It just shows a single ping of that rate and then it is normal again. I never feel different so I don't know to check it at that moment. I did go back into my heart history for Apple Watch and it shows that I have had days of random 40s as the low off and on since at least 2019 and probably before. I am guessing it is just an Apple Watch glitch or at this point I would definitely have noticed something. I have never felt light headed and had a low heart rate or anything and generally I believe if you have a real heart rate dip like this you have a great tendency of passing out from dizziness and whatnot. Furthermore, yesterday I set my watch to notify me if my heart drops below 50. This morning it shows a random 41 again while I was reading. Once again, I never felt weird or anything and didn't notice until I saw it on my watch. The funny thing is that my watch/phone never notified me that my heart rate dropped below 50. This makes me think it never actually did but the watch logged a 41 randomly for some reason while my heart rate was actually in the 60s. I know on their website they do have some info posted that I am attaching as a picture that also points to this anomaly. I think it all comes down to I am noticing NOTHING in the symptom department. I just see the weird low numbers randomly on my watch sometimes. People with real low bpm issues tend to pass out and go to the hospital when it happens. Mine is just on my watch. IDK... I hate this crap. Haha.
  23. It can be deadly, but it's not going to just develop overnight, too. It's a matter of "Be aware, not afraid".
  24. I guess the only way to know is to get your heart rate checked with another device to see if it matches up with your watch. My mother had a flareup in her congestive heart failure in April 2022. It was marked by low oxygen levels in the blood - and they used a device that clamps onto the finger to check heart oxygen levels and heartbeat. I just found a blood oxygen meter for the finger and it confirmed the rate on my Fitbit. I got lucky as it was $20 on sale!
  25. My coworker had in-situ melanoma on her cheek and is fine. My friend had melanoma on his stomach and is fine. My daugters friends father had melanoma on his arm and is fine. None were from moles.
  26. Thanks amazing news!!! I’m just so worried because melanoma can be deadly 😭
  27. I have no other symptoms, but every few days I have one or two heart rate registers that show a large dip. I think if it was real I’d be light headed or short of breath or something. I don’t even know until I check my watch later and see it. It seems to have been happening for at least the last few months but I have no way of knowing if it is a real issue or just the watch being stupid every so often. I have been working out quite a bit lately but not enough to get my heart into the 40s at rest. When I sleep my heart is in the 50s. 60s while awake at rest. Today I was watching basketball with my bpm around 65-75 and then it shows a random 40 before going back to normal. Not sure if that is a glitch in the watch or my heart showing signs of an issue. I don’t remember feeling any different at all. Anyone else seen this or what are your thoughts?
  28. I had basal cell carcinoma on the upper right part of my nose 14 years ago. My dermatologist sent me to a Mohs surgeon. The surgery was performed in his office. I sat in a special chair and a heart monitor and blood pressure cuff was put on me and I had local anesthesia and the surgery began. He had to go in twice as he said the tumor was bigger and deeper then he had originally thought. He said there was a 99% chance it would not come and so far it has not. I get a yearly checkup by my dermatologist.
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