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During the latter Spring and entire Summer, I find myself at my most peaceful. Viruses that spread seem to frequent the colder seasons and the holidays/events, which in turn tends to exacerbate the dispersal of those viruses. It's not the trivial colds that frighten me, but the ones that use my emetophobia to bring me to my knees. If someone gets sick, even if it is in an entirely different state on the opposite coast I find myself in a state of panic just by the thought.
Lately I have entered a state of introspection that leads me to believe that due to this phobia, among other things, I am a burden to the close few around me. I pushed off seeing my girlfriend of several years by 2 weeks because her household has fell victim to what would clearly immobilize me in both senses. It has planted the thought in my head that she deserves better than someone like me, who would quarantine her for being ill out of pure fear and void of logic.

I suppose the purpose of me posting this is to see if others have had similar feelings or situations, or could even offer advice to cope with this madness. It is slowly eating away at me and making life incredibly difficult. :(

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I completely feel you on this one. I struggle with this daily and just can't seem to shake it. I am in college and find myself worried sick about going to class this time of year for fear that someone has shown up with the flu. This disease is debilitating and sends me into a world of panic, stress, and extreme anxiety. You aren't crazy and unfortunately this is more common than you probably know. Don't for a second think your girlfriend deserves better just for that though. You have a disease and for people like you and I, sometimes we just can't cope. My boyfriend of 2 years has come to terms with what I suffer with on a daily basis. He knows that I'm being irrational and he doesn't necessarily understand it but he supports and comforts me always. As soon as I find coping mechanisms I will let you know. Currently my coping consists of popping anti nausea, anti acid, and others mess I probably don't need...

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