Anxiety when trying to fall asleep

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Hello everyone, I have not posted in here in quite some time. For the most part I think I have gotten my anxiety under control, but one thing that is still a big trigger is whenever I am sick. 

My boyfriend has been sick for a few days and I am starting to feel like I am coming down with what he has. We suspect covid, but are waiting for test results to come back. Regardless of what it is, being sick always make me pretty anxious and I feel like it's amplified now because of covid. One of my main problems is I can't sleep whenever I'm not feeling well. I'll feel relatively fine (anxiety wise) all day and then once it's time to go to sleep it comes on strongly. For some reason whenever I am about to fall asleep it suddenly feels like I can't breathe and I will jolt up panicking. Then it keeps happening every time I almost fall asleep until exhaustion takes over. It scares me because I'm not anxious during the day and most of the time I don't feel anxious when I'm about to go to sleep either, it's just when that starts to happen. Also that only occurs when I'm sick, I can sleep perfectly fine every other day. 

Has anyone else experienced this before and know why that might be happening and if it's something I should be worried about? Also any tips or advice on maybe some ways I could stop that from happening would be appreciated. Thank you so much.

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I would try Melatonin or CBD gummies. 

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