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I have been battling off and on with my 3rd BT scare in 9 years. 

Headaches move around, seem worse when changing position (but better when laying down/sleeping), worse when lifting stuff, pupils different sizes, odd feeling one side of body  etc..... I have had a lot of these symptoms before with my previous scares. I had two ct scans of my brain during previous scares and now I am concerned these scans actually caused me to get a brain tumor. 

i called my neurologist and he said it didn’t sound like a brain tumor but he wanted me to get an MRA bc it sounded blood vessel related. 

Of course I overanalyzed every portion of the phone conversation but was able to accept his expertise and felt better that it most likely wasn’t a brain tumor. 

Took my family to get snow cones and on the way home I smelled a burning smell like someone was burning something. I live in a rural area but asked my wife if she smelled it and she said no. My mind of course jumped to seizures. When I got home i could smell the bacon we had cooked before snow cones.  I woke up smelling bacon all night (re-inforcing) the concern with seizure. 

Not doing great this morning as a result!

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This is obviously your go to fear when you get triggered with anxiety. Anxiety is the culprit. Have you done any type of therapy? I would treat the root cause and not more Neuro tests. 


I do therapy and it has helped tremendously!!!!!!

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