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  1. The point is you could do it! You were able to grip the shovel and dig. It took me along time to learn that the big three letter disease causes your muscles to stop working. And pretty quickly too. Go back and search some Of my posts here. People with first hand knowledge and who have had family with this disease will tell you the same. Carpal tunnel, stress, out of shape.... all reasons for what you are feeling. Don’t be sorry, just try and live your life with gratitude. Theoretically any one of us could get a horrible disease. But you don’t have it now and probably never will. Als is also about failing. People don’t really feel weak they just are. It’s also soooooooo rare. Most cases are older folks and the few that are younger people have been related to genetics.
  2. Hot spots are normal too. I will get one in the same spot for a while then it migrates. The difference is when it migrates, it’s not leaving our muscles dead and unusable. I know how hard it is. Distract your mind. Overcome this I know you can!
  3. Nope. Not ALS. Stop now! I’ve been twitching for 8 months. Started just like yours, after an extreme health freak out. ALS is failing not feeling. Stay away from any ALS forum. I twitch all over. Big, small, flutter, tap. Arms, legs torso, hand, ect.... ALS in someone under 40 is almost unheard of. And over 40 it’s extremely rare. Please try and stop now. I’m not trying to be harsh but this is a deep and scary hole to Fall into. You can do this. Get help from a therapist if you need it. Breathe!!
  4. I have upper limb muscle burning and have had in on and off for years. Most likely neck / posture related. Neuropathy is common also. Als is not neuropathy it is the death of motor neurons. It doesn’t involve sensory neurons. Don’t stress. It’s about faliling not feeling. Search me and my posts .... I had a fear of this too, been twitching for months(8) . Will get weird tingles/ sensory stuff, burning. Over active nervous systems because we are anxious folks. You can do this. Put the fear away now before it’s too late!
  5. I have tingles and crawling sensations a lot. We have anxious brains that focus on them. All bodies make noise. Try and not fear MS, though sounds so ominous, most who are diagnosed live near normal lifespan now a days. It’s considered a chronic illness and medicine has come such a long way in treating it. And for the record, I do not think that is what it is at all. Just trying to take a way power from the fear.
  6. Yes!! When I was at the height M of my fear, I spoke weird, dropped things, ect... all because I was I was making automatic body processes complicated by thinking about them . Good point iron man
  7. This sounds nothing like the disease you fear. Allergies maybe? Bulbar onset is very aggressive and even more rare than this very very rare diseases You’d be in bad shape by now. Try not to stress and replace your anxiety with something. Hang In there! You can overcome this!
  8. Thank you Marc, not too serious, can be managed relatively easy. Thankfully.
  9. I just wanted to say that I went to the doctor and it turns out I have thyroid disease. This impacts my muscles and twitching is really common. Wish I would have Pursued this more throughly before going on a 7 month als freak out. So many things cause twitching. Or nothing can cause them and they just happen. 99.99 percent of the time l- it’s NOT als!!!
  10. Dr. Said it was just a shoddy node, nothing to be worried about! Common in groin. Thanks all!!!
  11. Ironman what do you mean exactly ? Yes when I’m anxious my mind goes to als 😢 Thank you for your reply 😊
  12. Thank you Marc, I know you have a lot of unfortunate experience with these matters. I do know that clinical weakness is different than perceived weakness… If im not mistaken , if I was clinically weak I wouldn’t be able to put my arms above my head (ie) etc....
  13. I can button buttons, unscrew lids, pick up my kids, rock climb, lift weights...... sometimes I will have perceived shoulder weakness. Anxiety really sucks because logically I know I’m fine but these damn twitches everywhere make me think it could come at any time.
  14. Thanks Marc. I’ve been in enough forums to know symptoms. I have no weakness. Just an intense fear I will because of twitching. I think I would be bad off after 7 months right?
  15. In my case thinking about it every time it happens.......😢 but can everyone agree somewhat that I would have serious issues 7 months into twitching?😩
  16. Yes, 6, 3, and 1🥰🥰🥰 I make myself super busy. The more I do, the more I forget about my mind making up this stuff. After sooo many days, months, ect I realize i would be really badly off right now because the disease is very progressive and quick. People who have this don’t wonder , they literally cannot do things. I pray. I throw myself into my family and use my energy to appreciate them instead of catastrophically obsessing over something I don’t have. I eat lots of antioxidants and good food to stay healthy. You can do it!!!
  17. And when I was at the height of my fear all my “symptoms “ were worse. Thinking about automatic body processes makes them Not automatic- and causes problems. Like me, when I drop one thing I drop ten because I get worried and focus on my hands so much. Let it go! I’m sorry you are going through this. You can overcome it!
  18. Don’t stress your okay—— I just posted about this too. This fear. Salivating isn’t the problem. You feel like your salivating with that horrible disease because your muscles are working and you can’t swallow. This isn’t you. This isn’t us. Let it go. I’ve been doing well for a few months and I’ll get a twitch or drop something and my mind freaks. Anxiety- not als!!! hugs!
  19. Hey y’all, I’ve been doing a lot better with my ALS anxiety..... the twitches started after a major freak out 7 months ago!!! They have lessened/ worsened on some days but are still there. if I had the dreaded ALS would I know by now??? just moved back to Michigan from Texas a couple months ago and the lack of sun has me down 🥲 thank guys 🥰
  20. Zencube. Thank you so much. They don’t hurt and I just mean that I can see them when I stand and look In the mirror just on one side. I had a horrible pregnancy with a vascular Adema issue in that area so it could be caused from that trauma. I’ve been on a horrible kick regarding all over body muscle twitches(7 months) and thought maybe even the stress from That could be causing the enlarged nodes. I feel like you have a lot of wise words, I appreciate them 🥰
  21. Also, could a lymph node just be visible but not “swollen”?
  22. I have two visible small lymph nodes in my groin. Not painful or anything, but I can see them in the mirror. Can this be normal? ive had a lot of blood work recently and the doc said nothing sinister showed in blood. Would lymphoma show In blood work? help I’m so anxious
  23. ❤️ This. Thanks Marc.