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  1. Hey Hey...pale stools I have read a few posts about this and the fear of Pancreatic Cancer. Well if pale stools was always cancer I would be long gone. Diet, medications can all cause for a while pale stools and I have had them for weeks at a time, but everyone's definition of a pale stool is probably different. Every post is always the worst possible scenario..." the big C " and Dr. Google has made that possible for us anxiety folk to send us spiraling downward. You rarely if it all read a post that says I think I have a pulled muscle or something very benign like that and we all move from disease to disease and I can tell you what I did as I wrote all of them down once and it filled entire sheet of paper and I laughed and I hadn't done tt for a while. We are getting our information somewhere about symptoms and we all know where that is. When I had my first bout of severe anxiety in my 20's computers there was no internet so I had no reference to look up my symptoms so wherever the symptom was the disease was a very different and now whoooaaa...the internet is a great thing and the worst thing for a anxiety sufferer. I feel for you, although I have my similar issues...there are just times I tire myself out with it all. Your in that maze like were dropped off in the middle of nowhere in this huge hedged maze and you can't find way out and it's getting darl and your alone and panicked and everything just becomes a negative thought. I have always said anxiety creates more anxiety. Your there as I said pale stools I have had all this week. They come they go and pains they come they go, but when they come in the anxious mind and if it's a different set of symptoms it's a different disease as you know. As I was once told by a Stanford Psychiatrist " The Brain Can Create Whatever it Wants To " ain't that the damn truth. Hang on brother, hang on, it may get worse before gets better, but I got out of it early and it came back only because and many years later 6 deaths in the family and one was my mom and younger brother and it wasn't cancer. We will get there and we will find the start of that maze. If you believe in your mind your sick, unfortunately your mind will accept that diagnosis and go right along with you and without you. Peace
  2. Hey Abe, cleaners because I have chronic sinusitis will give me a nose bleed so it's absolutely true any irritant can give you a sinus issue and if they become inflamed and don't drain through the nose it will drain to the back of throat and then bam another symptom post nasal drip sore throat. The night sweats I don't have heavily, but like you my body does not like the heat and does sweat in the night. For years. Waking up earlier than usual...big time anxiety issue. It happens to me all the damn time and like you. I just give up and go make coffee. Now what does every Doctor and Counselor tell you stay away from...Caffeine...I would think that only would effect people who don't or haven't been drinking coffee for a long time. Because I don't think it has a damn thing to do with my anxiety. It doesn't heighten it, but I am in no way for the masses only people who are coffee drinkers for a long time. Your body is used to it and anxiety doesn't respond to caffeine as a anxiety trigger. You got all the good ole crappy anxiety symptoms rest assure. Been there the last weeks as the temps have been up. I have been turn the AC on when I wake because it's warmer in the house then usual. Peace...your in your anxiety maze and can't find your way out.
  3. Your okay ! 19 years old even if you are a smoker at that age the chances of you having throat cancer are the same as the sun not rising in the world anywhere tomorrow. It is most common in long term smokers over the age 60 and people with and the HPV virus and has Mr. GaryPayton said pipe and cigar smokers are at the highest risk as well as cigarette smokers, but it is really common in the older pipe smokers. That is a really as long as you thick smoke and it is held in the oral cavity longer than any kind of smoking. You don't pipe smokers these days there were a lot more decades ago, but people such as myself should be concerned not you. I am 54 and have smoked and have had a chronic sore throat for a year and I have seen 3 Doctors and a nurse and all they see is signs of Rhinitis, Sinusitis and a tom of mucous in the back of my throat. I also have acid reflux and that's what kicked it in to gear in the first place of course like you I thought TC it has to be, but for me good reason for you anxiety. Please don't hold on to the symptom, it will stay with you keep believing it is TC. Doctor told me if I had throat cancer for a year without treatment I would be very,very sick by now...no fevers, no lumps, no voice lost, just raw nasty inflamed throat and it is better with allergy medicine, but like you I believe in my diagnosis then 3 Doctors and there are days I think now it's been so long it's must have spread somewhere, but I don't have any other issues other then anxiety symptoms. I would be in total sickness well I am, anxiety sickness. I would hate to see a 19 year old be that spinning top that never stops, but I know that easier then done. You too mentioned post nasal drip and gerd...that will do it and guess when my throat issues started...when I regurgitated acid one night which was in the first week of August of 2018. Your throat is fine and if you are thinking " well they haven't looked deep inside down the neck with a scope " remember our anxiety doesn't give doctors any credit and they know what signs there are to send you to a specialist. No matter how old you are or young. Yes people who do not smoke get TC, but even those folks are older and TC is not a common nor rare cancer, but the only folks that get it at 19 are self diagnosed anxiety folks and you are going to be fine. Please don't get caught in the anxiety hole where you can't get out because as I said before that throat issue will stay with you until your anxiety wants to let go. Peace, love and understanding
  4. Oh forgot to tell you...there is something called lie bumps and doctors and dentists believe they are caused by stress and hormones...there not positive, but they are harmless. When I saw the bumps on my tongue which I have had before, but my anxiety wouldn't let me believe it...isn't that always the way it is. I know the bumps are red and white and I remember reading about it, but if you look it up...just do google images or you will end up in Dr. Googles office..LOL all will be well ! Peace
  5. Hi, bin is correct...that is a pretty sensitive area for inflammation and many benign causes. Dentists know what to look for and what the bad things are. I just had a check up with my Dentist and a Oral Cancer screening which I paid extra for and they offered it. I didn't ask so if that is worry Dentist are trained in what oral cancer looks like or even pre-cancerous so I don't understand the Oral Surgeon comment. If playing with it and rubbing it against your teeth well that can certainly cause it as well as teeth grinding. I don't know if you grind your teeth in your sleep or awake as some people do grind their teeth when they are awake. I grind in my sleep and especially when I am stressed. I have a couple of bumps on the front of my tongue and the Dentist looked at those and said they were nothing although they are not red they are exactly the same color as my tongue, but they are cause from the tongue hitting my teeth as there are small gaps or from grinding as people bite their tongues while grinding and don't even know it and they get tongue friction as they call it. I wouldn't worry as these things are common and many causes that are totally normal. I don't believe you have anything to worry about and a referral to oral surgeon does seem extreme, but like bin_tenn said your Dentist is the professional, but if she was really totally concerned she referred right away. I think if you need some reassurance, see your GP and they will reassure you that it is probably nothing. Try not to worry, remember I have the two bumps at the end of my tongue which I was really concerned about even they weren't sores, but I knew what they were from. My anxiety told me they were far worse of course. Peace
  6. Hi, negative...just good old fashioned anxiety. Your dog and you are completely free of rabies, he cannot host rabies unless he has the virus and he 100% does not. JD got to the center for disease control and I believe there is information on Rabies just has a back to my education and I think it will calming to you. I get the worry...
  7. Hi Grace, I am a Diabetic and I understand your fears, but if you go to the doctor every 3 months and get your blood work done and if you haven't ready explained your fear from you genetic risks even if you were pre-diabetic they will find it and you will change. I am sorry about your relatives are suffering or passed. It's undetermined really how I got it, but a few people in the family have it. If you stay on top of it, it will ease your fears. You are in a good position in the sense that you can stay on top of it and beat it before you even get it. Genetics well, yes but, it's genetics in the sense of a sensitivity to it and a bad unhealthy diet and because it's in the family...doesn't mean at all that you will get it. With your fear of developing it...use that legimate fear to do all the right things not to get it. This is a time when fear will help you stay of away from it. I have been to the classes where people were at high risk and asked why they didn't go to the doctor on a regular basis and they simply said...I didn't think it would happen to me. Ahhhhhhh ! You will be fine you already know your course of action to suppress your fears. I wish I would of. I understand the fear of Diabetes, but it is one of those diseases that can be controlled and can be beat before it even happens. Rest easy on that and do the right things and talk to your doctors concerning your fears and they too will stay on top of it and work with you.
  8. Okay Holls...before I could put the damn computer down...you come back with your emoticon and now your laughing at me. If you disagree that is absolutely fine. If your trying to turn me in to your own personal joke...where is your experience and reply to Billyspain? I broke down every symptom of his concerning Diabetes I told him how to check his blood and to see if he was a Diabetic with out seeing a doctor. Now I believe you have a vendetta...because you disagree with me and your telling me what an anxiety disorder is ? If you have the correct answers then talk to billy not me I read your post to Billy and it was going to the doctor with his concerns and blood work etc... He was in no way bashed...he was educated on a disease that I have. Now I think you should put your energy in to what you think is right from him...because as you know he is at a stage where he is not believing anything. You yourself your diagnosing yourself again and going to the doctor and etc..etc...etc.. so get reayd to throw your next emoticon over as you said you wanted no problems or arguments, but that little laughing face is a direct hit...you are making it personal. Tell him about diabetes from Dr. Google
  9. Holls, I think you miss the point and I am going to leave this board. With your LOL. You seriously can reassure some one that has not had sufficient testing and diagnosed themselves ? How old are you. You can reassure people who have an anxiety disorder and have tests and continue tests. That's all part of it. You have no idea my background my anxieties nothing. You have point of view and that the one you stand by, but one thing your post did do is make me think that if someone doesn't go to the doctor and get the required tests to rule it out and still has anxiety and been told time and time again he is clear of organic illness. Then you work and reassure the person that they did all the right things and then you work on the anxiety. LOL come on read the post right, with out your preconceived point of view.We are talking about one person, best of luck to you Dr. Holls
  10. Hello Holls, where exactly do you think I come from ? The same place as both you and Billy. I am sorry you think it is harsh. Assurance, I am not going to diagnose anyone. I pretty much as best I could reassured him somewhere by symptoms he read, the unlikely hood of diabetes. Being one how better can that be. He has been reassured and reassured and I and I am sure he will need more reassurance, but the only one that can truly reassure him is a Doctor and he doesn't have insurance. Everything I spoke about is Diabetes...I have it I have to manage it and it is a daily management. I am sorry, truly sorry that you feel the way you...but you or I cannot reassure him at his current state and I been exactly where he has been. How would you reassure him ? Would you tell him that he does not have Diabetes ? When I am assuming you are not or don't know exactly what the true symptoms and management is of the disease. Would you tell him that he does not have pancreatic cancer as you are not qualified to do so. From what he states he had been to the doctor one time and didn't believe the doctor and in anxiety we know that is typical. Multiple times I asked him if he had been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and never answered that question. There is danger in reassuring someone or someone who has not been diagnosed wit an anxiety disorder. He told a Diabetic (Myself) what a Diabetics symptoms were after I reassured him as best I can do that it was highly unlikely that he was diabetic breaking down every symptom he wrote. How much reassurance do you think Holls, is enough or is harsh as you put it. I took very badly that he was telling Diabetic in so many words what a Diabetic feels. I told him the exact truth. Would you tell someone who does not have insurance and will not go to the doctor out of pocket or somewhere he can pay on a if they are having symptoms that have yet to be clarified as false for the things he has been suffering from. If someone came to me and said I am having these symptoms and I think it may be this disease, but I don't have insurance and I am getting incredibly anxious. I would say only " Well you probably shouldn't jump the gun, maybe it's one of the many benign illnesses that have similar symptoms. I am curious what you would say to that person...it's anxiety ? Only because you know anxiety. Your talking reassurance in your criticism of me, obody can 100 % an give him that reassurance on this board and if you do...meaning reassurance that's it's anxiety undiagnosed is incredibly dangerous. He has been from his posts to the doctor once and then did the Dr. Google thing also dangerous and he went there for the right reasons to reassure himself and it backfired So holls you take over on the reassurance and if you are a Doctor that's great. Me no way. He has not did all the things and all the test to rule his biggest fear and disease of Pancreatic Cancer and none of us on this board can do that. Sorry you didn't cause trouble because you can't trouble me. There's another long post for you to examine. He just has not brought enough evidence to the table of anxiety disorder or disease. You reassure him he is just experiencing anxiety...
  11. Thought I would check back...That's good...I understand...Peace
  12. Not one of the symptoms you mentioned that have you so worried is a Diabetes Symptom...light stools: negative Back Pain : Negative the only time you have lower back pain from diabetes is years of neglect from your diabetes. Diabetes managed is like not having it. Don't try to explain Diabetes to educated person who has it You now should be only talking to doctors and then come back to the board and discuss You really through me in to a spin....Insurance or not...find a way to start healing
  13. Billy Diabetes is not a symptom of Pancreatic Cancer it is a totally different Disease and one that I have for about 6 or 7 years you are switching diseases. The two are not linked. I have been to the classes I have talked to my doctors if you know so much about Diabetes then explain to me what it is. When I have it. So now your going to tell me. Your going lose support on the board and that is a shame...I am now believing that are in such a state that whatever anybody on this board who from the heart is trying to help you is simply wasting there time Eliminate which I don't think you can at this point and start working on the anxiety. You are looking for a magic answer and to wake up tomorrow clear headed, calm and completely free of all. It's not going to happen . You believe you have a fatal disease you keep asking for assurance and people are putting their kindness to you and in the end we all keep coming up short. It is time to look inside yourself for the answers good or bad . Because at this point it's all up to you. We are not doctors and even if we were could not diagnose you on an anxiety board. Go back and look at your post and all the time people have given you the answers...one in particular you wrote and I quote " Come on guys, this cannot be anxiety " Then go to a county hospital who will accept you , but I believe you will still have a bill...whether you pay it in the months or years to come is on you. Tell them all your symptoms...give them every bit of information the duration of your symptoms and you are sick and that it is ruining your quality of life Do not say you think you have diabetes, pancreatic issues, or pancreatic cancer. Clean sheet with your symptoms if you start telling them what you have diagnosed your self with and they see your levels of anxiety and self diagnosis they will send you to the psychiatric ward...which you are headed to. I do not believe the kindness of this board will help you.
  14. Billy, you still have not answered the question...whether or not when you had insurance. Were you checked by a doctor and cleared and told you are suffering from anxiety ? That is step one and I don't feel comfortable trying to give advice or helpfulness if you have not been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Because I see post about going to the doctor and having blood work etc...and I know you lost your insurance from one of your post, but howto did you arrive to this site and were these symptoms already checked by a doctor who does not bare the name google. Were you cleared of organic illness...meaning this is not coming from illness manifested by the body. but the mind and body. I think that is important before we go on here. Because I know I will not give any advice to anybody who has not been cleared of organic illness and thinks anxiety is 100% the issue. I know it seems you don't but so do a lot of folks who have been diagnosed with anxiety. It's a hard thing to come to terms with. Maybe I missed a post where you explained this, but I would like to hear the story. David
  15. Billy, I am hear with you. I know you are going through more then a tough time and you have a friend in me. Again hysteria and I am speaking from total experience. I once wrote down on a piece paper how many diseases I went through in my head and I filled the sheet and I also laughed at myself which can be during anxiety a tough thing to do. You have now went from Pancreatic Cancer to Diabetes. Billy guess what ? I am a Diabetic 2. Now when I was diagnosed with that and I knew it before the doctor told me because I could see the test results online. At that time I was not going through high anxiety. Once you have experienced an anxiety disorder it's life long management and I found out the hard way. I found you first because I clicked on your post because it sounded like you were in the hysteria part of anxiety and I speak from experience, that is perfectly normal. Don't ever be embarrassed by it. Anxiety and I have had 2 really bad bouts of it, one at 25 and one at 53 and I am now 54 so I have been down many of roads with it. It is the great imposter, anxiety. It mimics so many diseases, but how do I know that and now you know that Dr. Google. Drop him. Doctor google is the grim reaper for any anxiety patient because we choose the worst disease out of a list of many things. These sites on Google have to list everything for every symptom because they have been sued, believe it or not for not listing something and you will see many disclaimers. Now I don't know the outcome of those suits and they are unimportant and this was years back. So that is why you see the Cancer and Ms and Diabetes...oh how the list goes on. I know your lost your health insurance and that added stress sent you to the moon I know it did. If I lost mine I would to crawl in to hole, but there is one thing you can do to find out if your a diabetic. You can go to any drug store and get what is called an A1C test. This test will take a sample of your blood and give you your average glucose reading for the last 3 months. Unbelievable how far testing as come and that you can buy this test with out a script. A ll the instructions are in there and it will tell you the different glucose levels and whether or not you are pre-diabetic, diabetic or not. The one thing you do have to do and all the info is in the test and please follow the instructions mine is done at the lab, but you have to fast and not eat after 6:00pm the night before you take the test. If you do this you will screw it up get a bad reading and waste your money because the test might be a little pricey, but whatever it cost is worth your calm to know you do not have it. My diabetes in so much control that my health educator and doctor tell me it's like I don't have it. I changed my diet completely. Genetics? well we have people in our family that are diabetics but only 1 in the immediate family had it which was my mom and unfortunately she has passed...not from diabetes nor will I pass from diabetes. You can live a long life just as a person who does not have it. Do you know how many people are walking around that have Diabetes and don't know it? Because it the beginnings and it may be a couple of years it may show very subtle symptoms and then there are the folks who get it and never change anything and end up dying from it. Get the test. If your not sure ask the pharmaicist at the drug store Let's get rid of your Diabetes scare...every disease that I ever diagnosed myself with. I never had. You know why ? I am not a doctor and sometimes a back ache is a back ache, a head ache is a head ache, frequent urination can be anxiety or if your older...your prostate changes and you may have to urinate more often and it is quite normal as men as we age for the prostate to enlarge a little which causes urinary changes. It's just part of life and those who it bothers goes on medication and those who it doesn't don't. Lighter stools read posts on here where people went through stretches of lighter stools. Hell I did talked to my doctor stool changes are not that uncommon especially with certain diets. Do a test...take pepto bismal as it said on the box. Your stool the next day will probably be dark and its explained on the package. Let's say you had diabetes...so...change your diet it sounds like you already have, but have the fear. Change the fear take the home test and please do it as described. Unfortunately the world things diabetes is about eating too much sugar...years ago everybody called it sugar diabetes...well sugar is only a part of it...the biggest culprit of Diabetes 2 is carbohydrates and why ? Because carbohydrates metabolize into glucose and one of the biggest enemies of that is fast food and junk food. I also at the same time was diagnosed with low thyroid function Hypothyroidism which slows down your metabolism and makes you feel tired .Now my urologist believed the thyroid cause the high sugar content and my GP did not believe that. Well if I went to any doctor and took a blood test I would not be diagnosed with Diabetes or high blood sugar. I am in what I call a remission phase. Now many people have said try eating some high carbohydrates just for the 6 month period here and there and see if diabetes shows up I said...if it isn't broke, why mess with it. You noticed I have not said a word about your first fear. I don't have to be a Doctor to know that the length of time you have had the symptoms and the disease that you thought you have doesn't match. You either one sick man bed ridden skin and bones or long gone dead with out treatment to prolong your life. I think there is 95% mortality rate with that disease unless it caught so early by accident or it is one specific type that is treatable. Billy like I said I am here for you...get the diabetes test and ask the Pharmacist where you can find it so you get the right ones. There is even a test that will tell you if you have sugar in your urine. The kidneys should never be spilling glucose and thats what can cause the added urination...because the kidneys are working overtime to get rid of it eventually it will damage them. Diabetes also does not cause pancreatic cancer even though diabetes involves the pancreas . So even though you don't have imsurance there are certain illness that the pharmacy does have tests for. Cancer it is not one of them. One day in the future with technology I am sure they will have tests for not diagnosing cancer, but to let you know to go to the doctor because the test is showing risk. Anxiety people would buy these tests out and Google is making kick back and so are the most of the medical sites because of the ads they are able to run on their pages is all advertisement revenue for them and if you click on the add it's even more revenue it is the "same concept as youtube as I have a channel. They are designed to lure you in because everything is traffic and algorithms and ads. How would they lure you in "click bait" a example of that would be " see f you have these symptoms, it may mean you have a deadly form of cancer " If you are anxious, bingo click. It's the same as the news they will run a story and they will not get to that story till the end of the broadcast, but at every commercial break "and still to come " leaving you to watch the entire show. Let me know how things are and if you decide to get this test. Like I say I am here for you and sorry if there are any typos because I am not going to check this post it's too long, no patience with anxiety. LoL David