Still can't breathe right

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Well today is the last day on azithromycin for 5 days for walking pneumonia that I didn't realize I had. But still feel like I can't breathe not sure if if I can't or just can't breathe right when sitting down it's not to bad just have to catch my breathe a few times but when I stand up and get to moving I feel like my stomach is full and heavy and yes I do have a beer belly. It almost feels like if you inhale smoke from a bonfire sensation but it's all the time nothing is getting better x-rays clear and they say lungs sound great, blood work was done for everything under the sun, wbc was a little high and total protein was high also but I was on methopredisone and do have pneumonia so he said that explains the blood work, I'm at a lose and so tired of feeling like this when I stand up I also read it could be hourglass syndrome cause I do always have my upper stomach tightened up. I don't know I'm so scared it's a tumor or cancer causing this mess... Sorry for the long post 

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