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  1. Right so this is weird.So I have this striking pain that lasts about a second happening every 5-10 seconds it feels like electric shocks/throbbing and gripping pain that actually makes me cringe when it strikes. I have felt the area and its not sore to the touch.The pain was behind my ear so where the top tip of the ear is its in my head in that area, its now at the backIm freaking out as thinking its a stroke or blood clot!! or even a tumour. I went to see my GP and she said it sounds like neuralgia BUT I want a head MRI now as I am sure I have something sinister going on
  2. Thank you - I called the Dr on Wednesday and they said results can take up to 7 days.....I guess I shall just have to wait and see what they do
  3. I hear you, just want to know - I might call them tonight as my Dr is not in this week that ordered the scan so thinking they may be waiting for him to return so that he can read the report etc...
  4. Hi all I had an upper abdo ultrasound and pelvic done on Monday morning, havent received results, does anyone know how long these can take? Just a little nervous of the results
  5. I have been put on a waiting list for CBT and still waiting sadly
  6. This is such a scary thing.....I need to know every second of the time that I am not 'missing something' that I 'catch it in time' - I cannot be ok with uncertainty, It would seriously make me ill
  7. Thanks for your resply - its a horrible siutation to be in - the thought of the weight loss leaves me for an hour then comes back and forces me to decide whether I need to weigh myself or not, once I get my mind into this I think start to begin to feel really bad and like my life is over....
  8. I have been on citalopram for about 3 years now but I still have anxiety!
  9. Its so hard to just 'pack it in' but I wake thinking about it, I think about it all day, what if, I am sick, will I be here next month/year, whats growing inside of me!!
  10. To be fair my clothes do feel loser for me and I really have this urge to weigh myself again this week but I am literally so petrified to see how much more I have lost again it makes me feel physically sick!!!
  11. How can I do that incase the weight is coming off and I am not watching it, maybe I am really ill and I will be ignoring it! Im so confused at what to do?
  12. Thanks for the reply - I have been in two minds this weekend whether to weigh in this week or not...........its so mind bending.....
  13. I cant understand why I lost 4lbs las week after eating more.......its not right, something is probably growing somewhere! I thank you for your message but its so hard to think logically