Colon Cancer fears

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I had a phone visit with a doctor for abdominal pain over the weekend. He said to increase Miralax due to my IBS. Nothing has changed since then. My bowels are fine, no blood. However I'm having pain from my upper left quadrant down to my lower left quadrant. Tenderness as well as a pinching/cramping. Also have back pain.. I work in Healthcare and sometimes I feel like the more I know can be a curse. I'm terrified that this is cancer. Feels like something there when I bend over and uncomfortable when laying on my left side. I haven't been on this page in forever because I've been doing so well but here I am, back at it. I'm terrified right now. 

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Based on what my GI physician has told me over the years, pain like yours is not typically associated with colon cancer, but more likely from IBS. 

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