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  1. So I just started a new job and it's not difficult or anything but it does require interaction with customers and I've never been comfortable in social situations Even though no customers have been remotely rude to me, and have been very understanding about how new I am to the job, my anxiety about social interactions even makes pleasant social interactions very draining. And I know a lot of people have been in situations where they're starting a new customer service jobs I'm curious about any tricks you guys use to help control your anxiety and make your work experience easier.
  2. Background Information: for those that don't know a Vericocele is a problem that occurs with a damaged vein in the testicle that becomes inflamed, I was recently diagnosed with one and this question is geared more towards people who also have one and can answer my questions with personal experience, emotional support is of course always welcomed. So I've been researching the condition and I have some questions about it. 1. I had read that they are capable of causing chronic constipation but it was only one source, and I can't find any other information about the the relationship between the 2 conditions, and I've been experiencing chronic constipation lately and I was wondering if anyone else with a testicular vericocele has experienced constipation? 2. It's embarrassing to say but I can't shake the feeling that I'm having difficulties performing sexually, or at least I think I am. My long time girlfriend has told me that everything seems normal but I can't shake the feeling that something is wrong, I'm 22 and I shouldn't feel like I'm having a hard time maintaining an erection, now I've considered that maybe knowing that there is some kind of damage to my genitals is causing a mental block but I'm curious if anyone with a vericocele has experienced something similar, and I'm curious as to wether or not there is an actual physical link between sexual performance and this condition. Apologies for the long winded post, thank you in advance to anyone who can offer information.
  3. Today I found an odd yellow Spot on my right arm just below my shoulder, I don't see any discoloration anywhere else on my skin but seeing this still concerns me. Could it be an odd colored bruise? It's not tender or swollen or anything like that, just discolored
  4. I wouldn't be posting about this of it wasn't so sudden. I sat up in bed this morning and I had a very sharp pain in my abdomen when I did it. And it's been constant, Everytime I sit up it hurts in the same spot. But if I'm walking, or just sitting straight up I don't feel anything, I only feel it when I'm in the process of sitting up from a reclined position
  5. Thank you so much for your replies. They've been incredibly helpful. I'll work on the things you mentioned.
  6. If it's not too personal of a question, you mentioned that you were convinced that there was a problem, what convinced you that there might be a problem? Is there anything that I mentioned that sounds similar to your experiences? (If this question is too personal feel free to not answer, I just have to ask, I find shared experiences comforting) Also, how long ago was it that you experienced these problems and how long has it been since you adopted these methods of dealing with it?
  7. I can't seem to stop obsessing over my bowels I can go a few days without thinking about/paying attention to it but my fears always return. I've been on the fence for the past couple of days about whether or not I should post about this again but I need reassurance. I've not seen any blood or anything I've seen black patches, but my stool isn't dyed red or black or anything the majority of it is the typical color, I'm not experiencing any constipation or diarrhea or anything of that sort, no fatigue I have a pressure in my lower back it's not painful, and it doesn't feel like I have to use the bathroom and am unable too, I just can't seem to pull my head out of my ass about this and I'm so fearful of the big "C" anybody help me please.
  8. I've had this occur before too, i got them in my eye lid, my triceps and my calf muscles. muscle spasms/twitching are typically caused by two things. Excessive caffeine use and a potassium deficiency (both of which were the problem for me, late night study sessions and that college student diet!) I started taking a multivitamin with potassium and in a couple days of using them later, and cutting back to two cups of coffee a day the twitching stopped.
  9. I'd take the doctor's word for it the daily headaches are something that I have experienced before as well it sounds to me like you have cluster headaches (I get them regularly), try not to worry about it so much, the kicker about cluster headaches is that they're made worse by stress it perpetuates itself. They're a real pain in the ass.
  10. So, I made a post a few weeks ago about some strange things going on with my bowel. My fears had disappeared with the symptoms a few days after I had made that initial post. And today I noticed that the same things are happening again with some new changes as well. So before I saw small bits of black and red. The red had returned again as specks not streaks or stains just small specks, and granted tomatoes have been a large part of my diet lately and I'm trying my hardest to accept that as a possible reason to prevent freaking out, but the fear is still there. What's different this time around is that I'm not experiencing constipation this time but rather my stools are very thin (sorry if that's t.m.i but I figured it was worth mentioning) and I'm not passing a lot of gas this time around. Does anyone have any insight into why things like this happen I'm aware of thin stool as a possible symptom of colon c****r, but I'm trying to keep a cool head and anything this community has to offer would help greatly, regardless of whether it goes to support or deny my fears, just any information helps thank you in advance.
  11. So I'm not quite sure how to describe exactly what this feeling is, it feels like a pressure in my lower back it's not painful it just feels like something is sitting on my back anyone else ever experience this? *Edit: if you have experienced this was it caused by anxiety? or was there some concrete illness related reason for it?
  12. Thanks for the replies, this is a big concern of mine since I lost my uncle to colon c****r when I was in 2nd grade. And I've always been curious how family history affects this stuff is it purely a father/mother- son/daughter thing or is being related in anyway (my uncle is the only member of my family to my knowledge to have ever had the disease, don't know of that plays a role either) enough to have biological factors in play? This isn't so much a concern as it is just a curiosity.
  13. Hi, so I'm new here and I've read some posts talking about some of the same things that I've been experiencing and seeing as i regularly convince myself that I'm dying I figured it might do me some good to reach out. I'm 21 years old and i noticed recently that I've had some changes in my bowel habits ranging from constipation to passing more gas than usual (though i might just be hyper aware of my gas making it seem like more) but these symptoms seem to come and go as for the past couple of days I've been able to pass stool regularly and i haven't passed a significant amount of gas, but it could return, I don't know. Today i noticed little specks of red and black in my stool and it scared the hell out of me, and before i scare myself to much I'm wondering if they weren't caused by something i had eaten because I've recently eaten black beans, and green chili (which contains tomatoes). of course my fear is that i have colon c****r and of course i consulted Dr. Google (stupid idea, i know) considering my diet and the changes in my bowel habits being infrequent am i right in worrying myself? or am i freaking out about nothing? I apologize if talking about bowel habits comes across as a joke post, It's not intended to be, I am very sincere in my fears about my health.