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  1. Hi everyone, You all can call me Elfy...I wasn't so sure about putting my real name out here. I'm 19...a girl... and that's the fundamentals. A little bit about what brought me here, is that throughout my life I was always a worrier. I became entirely stressed by little changes, my sister reorganizing the bathroom so that I cant find my things, crumpled up papers effecting my grades, and other seemingly miniscule things. the older I got the more things worried me. To the point some nights I wouldn't and couldn't sleep. This carried on for years. Last semester in college I had a lot happen to me leading to many a complete breakdown, and panic attack on top of my day to day anxiety that piled on to p of me. Some days it was hard to pull myself out of bed, let alone out of the house. My new boyfriend fairly recently pushed me to talk to my doctor about my anxiety. I have yet to get to a therapist for various reasons, but I thought a good start was to join a chat forum of some sort to bounce questions off of and learn experiences from. I tried another forum but they were less than helpful and I didn't feel quite welcome. I hope that you all can find space in your heart to accept me...and I hope I fit in here.