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  1. Hey Julia, well you are right about the up and down days because I have been having them. alot of them actually. But i decided yesterday to put my foot down and really focus on myself and "my happiness" and not let anyone come in between that. Do you ever have friends, family and/or coworkers that just dont understand what you are going through?! Like one for instance. I was having a bad day yesterday and I just didnt feel like talking to her. it was nothing against her its just her energy is overwhelming. I mean not that its negative because its not its just her light energy is too much for me to handle right now so thats why I tend to shy away from it. Nothing against her or nothing but I dont know.. oh and the book I reccommend is "The Crystal Bible. Several lightworkers that I talk to have reccommended this book. I still need to get it myself. Thank you for keeping up with me and checking on me! it really means alot. I really dont want to take anymore meds. meditation and yoga and stretching so far has been helping me out alot along with eating better foods and eating less.
  2. so last night I broke down crying slept for maybe 2-3 hours and now I am back up again.......
  3. If you havent tried meditation and done research on the healing power of crystals!! you really should because they work wonders and is natural and you dont have to take any medication for it! its up to you! you have the power to change your life! 



  4. Julia, Feeling TONS better! I had a breakdown really bad....I cut my arms up a little... :'( but I bounced back.. I went and bought me some natural lavender bath salts and some wonderful argan oil body lotion with dead sea salt and other healthy minerals! smells amazing! I lit candles and incense and put on some heart chakra 432 MHz healing frequency music and soaked my behind! it was so peaceful! plus I activate crystal grid and my wand that I constructed with one sole purpose healing love energy only! positive things and outcomes with my wand nothing bad at all! this is how I spent my evening and I feel so much better and I actually feel like I can sleep tonight! right now I am sipping on some chamomile and mint tea sweet dreams tea by bigelow! feeling pretty amazing! alot better then I was several hours ago! Thank you for keeping up with me on this! i appreciate it! helped me out alot staying with me
  5. its really hard girl! its so hard! like I dont want to be around anyone at all! its really annoying like severely! and your right people dont understand. yeah my doctor wont give me xanax or valium without a stupid lecture and I dont want to waste money just for her to tell me that you know.
  6. well this is day 3 of being completely done with my meds!!! been pure hell! and my new friend is really pissing me off and smothering me to death! and got all mad at me for no f*****g reason! snapping like a f*****g twig! I am cleaning house and getting my home ready for the weekend because I am STAYING TO MY F******G SELF! F**K PEOPLE FOR REAL people cant understand when I want to be f******g left alone not to take it personally like F**K!!!
  7. yeah I fel like pure shit! I forgot to talk it this morning so I took it a little while ago and WOW I feel horrible
  8. checking in....almost done with my meds. been taking a half tab every other day. been having bad breakdowns panic and anxiety attacks. right back to hating myself again. meditating is hard. I feel like I am not good enough to be a light being?. :'(
  9. Thank you so much for your insight! yes this does help and makes sense.
  10. So sick of not being able to sleep....I need to be in a chemically induced coma to actually get any rest! #FML

  11. Good Morning All! Doc just emailed me back and instructed me to take 1/2 a pill for 2 weeks and after that if I am feeling fine take 1/2 a pill every other day until completely off. She wants me to follow up with her once I am off of the medication. Today I have the worst headache ever! its been bad the last few days! well bad for a long time to be honest! anyways just wanted to let you all know! Thank you for the support.
  12. Bless you Julia! your so nice! I am getting ready to check my messages to see if my doctor messaged me back yet this morning! Stay tuned i will let yall know
  13. Hi there Bones! LOL it was horrible! I couldnt get up! LOL it HURT LOLOLOLOL! I was like I cant sit like that! Bwahaha! so yeah definitely whatever makes a person comfortable and not in pain! I mean I was actually trying to block out the pain sitting in that position and it was so hard LOL! I was like NOPE! LOL
  14. Excellent. You should try it. I mean its not something mastered over night of course like anything. It takes practice. it has helped me alot. At first a few months ago I got really frustrated with it and stopped but then started up again after I got on Zoloft and like I mentioned I dont like the feeling of being numb and actually being on this medication has really come in between me and my relationship with my fiancee :(. another reason why I want to get off of it. If you have any questions I am more than happy to help you the best I can.
  15. Curious if anyone has ever tried meditation? Before I was put on Zoloft I had tried it but good grief there was so many things on my mind I couldnt sit still long enough to focus and when I would I would be so stiff sitting (Indian style) that I could barely get up. I mean it would hurt badly trying to unfold my legs... LOL . So now after learning things about whats going on and all these conspiracy theories about how the world is going to end and blah blah. at first seeing all this fear really scared me and I was panicking for a week straight. and then I started learning more and looking within myself and it totally calmed me right down. I am not going to lie, I have been deathly afraid of dying. I dont know why but now...I dont let it bother me because I know whats really going on. Just curious if anyone else has tried it and how and if it works or doesnt work for them. Thanks for reading I love this forum and everyone here!