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  1. Ye thTs what I mean I'll have a talk with the doctor about getting a higher dose I'll see her Friday so I'll have a chat
  2. Ye thTs what I mean I'll have a talk with the doctor about getting a higher dose I'll see her Friday so I'll have a chat
  3. So iv just started my fourth week on lexapro 10mgs still I feel no relief should I continue/ up the dosage or try a different one?? Someone please reply
  4. Just a day over two weeks side effects have gone just still waiting to feel the effect of this now
  5. Distraction is defiantly the key!!! Thanks for the reply
  6. So all day I was fine woke up fed the kids had my coffee and the sneaky ciggy after a while I took my lexapro 7th day on this medication now I felt great but I decided to have a bath all of a sudden I could not get the thought or word derealization out of my head then I began to feel myself in a dream state seriously how do I stop thinking about this I can't!!! I read a book watched a movie even listened to music and I couldn't snap myself out of it will I ever be free of this???also has anyone had success of lexapro with derealization..
  7. Hey welcome to ac and that's so kind to do something positive out of the negative!!
  8. Iv tried exxafor side effects were bad also the same with lexapro but I'm fine on the now
  9. I sure everything is cool maybe you panicked and it made your heart rate go up if doc said everything is normal don't panic so much
  10. Yup everytime I paid attention to the symptom it would get worse weather it was down to seeing a doctor about it or speaking to a councillor I felt in my own world like a trapped feeling that I would never escape for months I could feel it getting better but the past week has been bad but saying tht I have been tru the mills I am trying to stay focused on life and get thru each day as it comes iv just started lexapro to so hopefully this helps!!
  11. I feel ten times better now it's been five days but I have lost my appetite but it's gradually coming back so hopefully my body is starting to adjust
  12. Ye that's what I'm going to do give it a week and see what happens did u get a weird feeling when you yawn