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  1. woke up with heart rate 115! has this happened to anyone?
  2. I just found out mt total cholesterol is 85....everything i read is bad!!!!!! Does anyone have that low?
  3. can anxiety mess with oxygen level? my oxygen level has been at 95 or 96...i took a piece of a xanex and it went to 98?
  4. can anxiety mess with oxygen level? my oxygen level has been at 95 0r 96...i took a piece of a xanex and it went to 98?
  5. Because you can see the tiger (evidence or threat) there is no evidence of an illness....just your mind creating things from a feeling. I do the same thing.
  6. Day 2 same EXACT thing...... How can this happen 3 minutes out of bed?
  7. I woke up today walked to the computer sat for 3 minutes when i checked my pulse it was probably 120. stood up and it went to 153. went to ER they said EKG is normal...i wasn't anxious. could it be heart problem?
  9. Not giving blood at a blood bank a hospital much less...
  10. Yes, i have been lifting a family member disabled 105 LBS after i life them i feel like my arms are normal then after a few minutes feel real weak. Gilly you seem to know a ton about anxiety can i ask you a question? what really freaked me out is that the ER doc said anxiety can't produce a heart rate over 140-150 and over that it has to be a heart problem. Also...giving blood twice in a week, 6 beers and some anxiety cause the heart to go 120 in sleep then jump to 170 when i shot up on my feet? And when i drink i jump into bed and turn to my right side really quick i always have a skipped beat is that normal? Thanks
  11. You are born with SVT. You can trigger it at any age and its not dangerous.
  12. Thanks for the responses! I have been trying to check the pulse less....i did check it last night late and my pulse was 64 and scared the shit out of me. It seems like over this 3 month anxiety thing its getting lower and lower...maybe that is because of fatigue.
  13. My forearms are so weak! also have mild leg weakness and ass muscle and thigh muscle weakness. Mainly the forearms...has anyone experiences this?
  14. Can someone please help me? I can't stop checking pulse for the last 3 months....at least once a minute. I am convinced it is too slow or too fast. I wake up in the morning and it is about 105 for about 30 minutes then drops to about 92 for an hour then stays at 84 until lunch then drop to 70 which freaks me out as too slow. This is how this all started i used to drink 5 beers to go to sleep and one night after hearing that a resting pulse should be checked in bed i decided to check my pulse as i woke up in the middle of the night and my pulse was probably about 110 i quickly jumped up and it started racing about 180+....i got over that and 2 nights later it did the same thing. i went to the ER did an EKG on both occasions where the said it was normal. I quick drinking 5 beers to go to sleep now only 1 and what really freaks me out is EVERY time i am going to bed and have even a single beer and jump literally jump into bed and turn to my right side real quick my heart will pause like a skipped beat then a few fast beats then normal or something like that. Is that normal? This is ruining my life to the point i don't even want to plan a future as i feel my time here will end very soon. Also since then i am obsessed with all kind of health related fears i found a little mucus in stool i also think i have c****r....found some horizontal ridges on finger nails think beaus lines. My arms are so weak...i am so tired could that be from anxiety? If anyone ever did this with pulse how did you stop? I know it sounds easy but it's not.....I am desperate! Thanks