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  1. Hi Anxious me. I'm sorry that you are struggling with these intense symptoms, but I can say from experience that they can definetly come from anxiety. I had the burning skin symptom along with crawling skin which is horrible. Initially i had these symptoms for over a year and then they gradually started to fade. They have now come back although I am anxious about starting a new job which has probably caused the relapse. I'm sure you won't have these symptoms for years, it just takes time for the nervous system to calm down.
  2. Okmom, as far as the possible fibromyalgia diagnosis, I thought exactly the same as you as I had sore achy muscles aswell as the skin problems, but I don't think you have fibro.
  3. I just wanted to add that these were also my main symptoms, the burning and crawling skin. Not nice at all. I had mine for over a year, they then got better for a few months but have now returned. This time round I'm trying really hard just to ride it out, because the more you stress about it, the worse it will get. Gilly has been such a help to me I can't thank her enough. She is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to anxiety. Okmom you will get over this, it might not be soon, but you will eventually.
  4. Thank you Gilly. Very much appreciate your help. The neuro is checking B12 so will tick that part off soon I hope. Deep down I'm pretty sure it's stress/anxiety. Just need to rule things out. Just a bit annoying as the pain naturally makes you feel more stressed ! Oh what fun !
  5. Hi Gilly. Many thanks for the welcome. Yes I totally get the jeans on the legs problem. That hasn't been too bad lately but it's more on my shins and feet. Also a bit on my arms occasionally too. I agree it's more of a problem when trying to relax, definitely. Don't seem to have it first thing in the morning though. Guess I'm still a bit undecided what it could be as a rheumatologist said he thought it sounded a bit like fibro but didn't actually fully diagnose me with it. I personally don't think it is as I don't really have the other symptoms like headaches and IBS etc. A neurologist is doing a few tests like scans etc but he said that it could be stress/anxiety related. He's the first doctor who has actually told me it could be that. Many thanks for the magnesium advice, very much appreciated. I'm off to buy a huge box of epsom salts ! I guess you can't really ignore these painful symptoms but do you have any other tips regarding that ?
  6. Thank you ! Always helps being a little crazy in my opinion !
  7. Hello everyone ! I`m new too. Been experiencing anxiety for most of my life but need a bit of reassurance with new symptoms. I`ve been dealing with upper back pain for around 2 years due to a physical job which I have now left. Within the last few months I`ve been experiencing a burning sensation in my legs, they sting quite a bit aswell. Makes you feel like aaaaaaggggghhhhhh !! I`m thinking that maybe could of come about because of the stress the upper back caused me. Any thought more than welcome. James