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  1. Hello everyone! I always had a good night sleep, i never had any problems , but now when the night falls i am kind off scared off sleeping... It's been already my eleventh night when I have trouble falling asleep. Now for the part where I get scared off sleeping- in nights I wake up breathless, my head hurts and my body feels numb..It almost feel like paralysis- With time this feeling goes away, but i can't fall asleep, and I stay up till morning... Because of this , I have harder time studying, i have lost alot off weight, and it's very hard to control my emotions!!! No one in my family understands this, they think that it's just a teenage year period and that it will stop with time.. How do others get trough it?? I would really appreciate your oppinion, and advices for better night sleep!!!
  2. Hey everyone... About 3 days ago , I did fibrogastroskopy, and the doctor told me that everything is how it should be... But my stomach still hurts very badly, and i fell nauses after eating meals who arent soup or porridge type... I don't understand what is happening.... Is it some kind of eating disorder??? How can it be heald, and what kind of doctor i should look for???
  3. Hey... I know how you fell! I just to be anorexic, but i got over that with my own willpower! Just try eating, do it while there is someone next to you, because i can tell by experienc ,that it will make you fell safer!!! Or if you still fell afraid, try eating sweats whit out gluteen, and then move to back to normal sweets! Trust me , it actually works!!! I am 16 as well and i know how it is , because i hade problems with my stomach ... I hope that you will feel better soon , and good luck!!! Sorry about my english, its not my native language!!!!
  4. Hi... I am experiancing my worst nightmare! I have very strange thoughts , I just can't stop thinking about dying, only thing that helps me get over them is music and my dog! When I started to have thes thought, I fell like choking, i can't even swallow water or any type of food! I am experiancing this almost every day... My friend recomends me to visit a psychiatrist, but i am little afraid, that the visit could destroy my futuer , because everyone would know that I have problem with my mind... What to do? What do you recomend? Maybe i should try using antideprissants, or something like that??? I'm really sorry about my English, it's not my native language....