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  1. I'm @TARGET (3699 E BROADWAY BLVD, TUCSON) http://t.co/oCXbl9tW (+25pts)

  2. Summer #Olympics crafts and coloring: Badminton http://t.co/lLdoEI6k via @examinercom

  3. Summer #Olympics crafts and coloring: Athletics http://t.co/tLAm4tWR via @examinercom

  4. Summer #Olympics crafts and coloring: Archery http://t.co/pL3R8szA via @examinercom

  5. Ice Age: Continental Drift coloring and craft activities http://t.co/JVmvgb7e via @examinercom

  6. My rank this week on @wereward is 342 with 37 rewards claimed. Signup to claim your rewards http://t.co/lzUOdnbL

  7. #Olympic rings crafts using cardboard rolls, tisuse paper, and more http://t.co/vGB48ZT6 via @examinercom
  8. Summer Olympics books for kids: Ancient, modern, and fictional http://t.co/3wYEugbO via @examinercom

  9. Craft events in Tucson this weekend: Model airplanes, North Pole, and more http://t.co/4yQuxPBi via @examinercom

  10. Weekend craft events in Tucson: Canada, Arizona, polar bears, and more http://t.co/UyYJLQZX via @examinercom

  11. I have fallen in love with making ice tea with my Keurig and am now part of the #TumblerNation!

  12. July 2012 summer story series event at Mini Time Machine Museum http://t.co/jlg2S3jf via @examinercom

  13. Disney's Brave crafts and coloring http://t.co/XNfBxdDq via @examinercom

  14. I'm at CORN DOG CASTLE (1313 S DISNEYLAND DR, ANAHEIM) http://t.co/UpPIMqo6 (+10pts)

  15. Ad: #QuakerSoftBakedBar makes a nice quick snack and it has fiber, protein, & B-Vitamins in both of the bakery flavors, http://t.co/t87e5UeE