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  1. thanks for the reply hun.. I think your right I am going to distance myself because they just cause me more anxiety and make me feel like a piece of shit. how do I tell them to stay away though?
  2. my family are the biggest set of arseholes ive ever known.. they are so unsupportive I also feel they are cruel to me and treat me like shit. they laugh at me for my anxiety ... like this morning for example... ive been unwell for 5 days with flu or something and this morning I was coughing up blood and I booked a drs appointment and my family was like you don't need to go doctors for that your a hypochondriac your over reacting you need putting in a mental home, you need to sort yourself out on your own.but if my cousin has a problem there all like awwww and supportive to her. I FUKING HATE THEM honestly what should I do? I'm thinking of just having nothing to do with them any more because they make me feel like a dumb ass! now I'm sat here feeling ill and didn't go to my gp appointment because my family made me feel like I was nuts. do you think I should just tell them to keep away from me? I'm fuming, ive put up with ther shit for way too long now
  3. I tried sertaline a few years back I only took one pill and was laid on the sofa all day tired and felt groggy. I'm thinking about giving it another try, its just the fear of taking it then waiting to see if I have a reaction( I no I won't but its in my head), I just want to be the same person I use to be. Does medication really help?
  4. Hii, not sure about your area but in my town there's something called the talking shop run by the NHS and mind. Maybe they can help x
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    Hot bath that is ment to say. Stupid computer lol
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    Hip pain

    Hey huni, sorry to hear you've been feeling crap, I'm no doctor but I don't think you have anything to worry about . maybe its your sciatica playing up, don't forget when you have a bad chest etc it strains the muscles in your body and can tanks a while to recover. Also happy birthday hope you enjoy your meal. When you get back maybe try a nice hot bat and watch some tv if you feel up to it x
  7. Hiya I just want to say I went through a phase of this I also have two children and I understand how your feeling, this was one of my main symptoms I was at the doctors every single day with it sometimes twice a day when things where bad last year, what helps me is YouTube anxiety hypnosis videos they are amazing and calm me down in 5 mins I'd be lost without them,. Its hard to accept its just anxiety and it won't harm you but you will get there in the end. Hope you feel better soon, I'm up till 5 in the morning by the way if your ever anxious in the night and need to talk x
  8. Thank you for the reply, I was worried this was largnyx spasms or what ever they are called and I heard they are dangerous sometimes
  9. Sometimes when I breathe in its like my throat closes and makes a snorting sound ( you no when people are laughing and snort, it sounds like that ) just for a second or two. It happens a couple of times a day and scares the hell out of me Does anyone no what it is? X
  10. Hi everyone and thanks for the kind words, really sorry to hear about your dad ben, must have been awful for you its a stressfull time.yeh I have been to the doctors I've had CBT 2 year ago which helped a little, I would like to try some medication but then that's one of my anxiety fear of allergy to them. Its so hard I feel like I'm trapped, I've had a ct angiogram to check for clots on lung that was all clear, numerous blood tests, a spirometry to check for asthma which was normal (but ended up in hospital last month and they said I'd had a mild asthma attack so don't get why my gp said spirometry was normal) this is what sets my anxiety of because when I feel like I can't breathe I don't no if its anxiety or "asthma". Then to top it off I lost weight because I couldn't swallow food I keep choking on it, but slowly getting better with eating.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm new to this site so sorry if I've posted in wrong section. I'm sarah 23 year old , i have 2 children and suffer with severe gad, panic attacks and depression and a little ocd, it all started 3 years ago when I was going through a bad time, I was just laid in bed and started feeling funny , heart racing , couldn't breathe, tingling arms and all the rest that comes with it. Ever since then I've been having panic attacks every day which I hate and its ruining my life, thing have got worse since my dad got I'll with c****r and a stroke I have developed health anxiety and I'm convinced I'm going to die. I'm constantly in an anxious state, I hardly eat and lost lots of weight due to this so feeling crap about myself at the minute. Its nice to no I'm not alone although I don't wish these horrible feelings on anyone. Looking forward to chatting with you all X