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    Me me me! Oh man do I ever have those days where I wake up and feel really empowered that my anxiety isn’t going to take over my entire day, that I’m actually going to be able to accept that I can have symptoms AND go on about my life. But just like you, all it takes is reading or hearing or seeing ONE thing and my brain is like NOPE you’re still going to die so let me remind you with a new symptom at 100x the intensity. It’s so awful and so discouraging when you feel really confident about your ability to make it through a day and then anxiety comes in and takes that away from you. The fact that you’re optimistic about your meds doing what they need to do for you is amazing as well as being aware that you’re making improvements! That’s so great! It seems like you’re headed fully in the right direction and you’re going to get knocked down maybe more times than you’d like but if some days are better than others you’re still winning 🙂
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    Don't apologise, it's fine!!! I gave the Facebook page for the group a little mail a few days ago to let you guys know, but I'm not sure it's manned anymore 🤔 regardless, we're back in business! Thank you for getting it back up and running ❤️
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    So glad we are back!! Thank goodness. Love this group for being kind and compassionate
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    Yes they are! This forum is a little more calm and logical! Glad it’s back up too 🙂
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    If you're concerned about any form of hypertension you should speak to your doctor. However, those symptoms are also classic panic attack symptoms. Yes, a panic attack can seemingly last for several days. What's really happening is, you have an initial panic attack, and after that you may have several "aftershock attacks" as I like to call them. They're residual, and they gradually decrease in intensity until they disappear for a while. I experienced a panic attack this evening with all these symptoms. Yes, it freaked me out, because I generally worry about heart health, but things turned out just fine, as usual. So I do understand the worry, but it sounds like typical panic.