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  2. Cancer would not shrink, so in that regard you are in good shape.
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  4. If it is in grown hair, it could also form a papule/blackhead. That can be pulled out if it did form. It was likely a clogged pore, nothing much.
  5. It's significantly smaller...I can hardly find it now...but I'm ready for it to go away. I am hoping that since it has decreased in size so significantly that it is/was likely an underground pimple of some sort. Crossing fingers it completely resolves soon. Thanks all for chiming in!
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  7. For me, the store machine was pretty close, but it took two or three readings. My dad bought one, but rarely used it - and passed away of a heart attack in 2007. Both he had and my mother have HBP, so I am nailed genetically. I was only put on Losartan at age 41 after I had my eye issues. My blood pressure was always around 120/90. I am sure my Paxil fat doesn't help. I ran 24 miles a week and still gained weight! The moment I got to 148/108 after taking two decongestants (WATCH THE OTC COLD/COUGH MEDICATIONS!), the eye doc freaked thinking it was my normal rate and thought I had a stroke and sent me to the ER lol.
  8. With inflation.... I gave in and finally had to buy a mouth guard because I grind my teeth... Well, add the bruxism of Paxil and caused filling breakage, and then crowns, and then the crown being too large and breaking the tooth above it - with a walled filling....that broke....was refilled.....broke again.....and now the mouth guard to prevent a third breakage. The mouthguard was $630.....$160 out-of-pocket with insurance. They will clean it for free when I bring it in for checkups lol. Usually the checkups are 100% covered.
  9. Speaking of the dentist, I have an appointment this Monday to replace a crown which popped off. I will let everyone know what they soaked me for.
  10. My physician has told me in the past not to take my blood pressure on these store machines as they are not accurate.
  11. Indeed. I gave in and used one of those in store blood pressure machines today. I could feel myself getting wound up before I even sat down. The first reading was high. I took it again, still high, but also a lot different than the first reading. I got up, walked around, did some shopping, did some self talk about how these machines are not accurate and then tried again. It was still high, but a lot closer to normal. I might discuss with my doctor next week, but then I might now. In the meantime, I'm staying away from those machines.
  12. @SurferJoe - it's called stress. 🙂 I actually have had a rough three days - today in particular. My anxiety has spiked with work issues and feeling attacked. I have to rely on things I have learned to destress.
  13. I am glad to hear this. As you can tell, we do worry and hope you can save enough. We can help if things get really bad.
  14. I did tonight but save every penny. I am a delivery driver and wish I could afford all the nice food my customers get.
  15. Hello,This past weekend I retrieved some boxes that had been stored in an outdoor storage shed/closet from a residence in PA. This is in a neighborhood, think a mix of suburb and small town; farmland is nearby, but this was on a residential street. When we opened one of the cardboard boxes that hadn't been sealed completely by the last person who put it in, after pulling out a few towels and a bag we heard what sounded like small rocks or seeds falling into the bottom of the box. Upon looking, we noticed what we THINK was mouse poop on one of the towels and a small piece that had fallen on to the open lid of the box. We never saw any mice and didn't encounter any nesting materials before we disposed of the box and contents after we discovered this. I did see a dead, very large bug, probably an American Cockroach, in the back of the shed.The problem is we opened the box INSIDE hours after we had left the shed/closet.I have been in a PANIC ever since. I'm terrified - I'll get distracted and calm down for a while and then remember and start spiraling. I'm so scared. : (Any advice would be appreciated...
  16. I definitely have some white coat hypertension, so I'm sure that played into my higher than normal reading today. I just can't shake it right now. I went for my yearly physical a month ago and came away with a clean bill of health. This is disappointing. I was just at the store and almost sat down in one of those in store blood pressure machines. I made myself not do it. Today has already been super stressful. I'm trying to take faith in what my doctor uncle said: it happens, don't worry about it. I just worry and worry. It's my thing.
  17. I used to go to this dentist and when I was at my appointment, they suddenly told me that they no longer accept my insurance. I needed a bunch of work and they developed a 4 stage treatment plan. The total cost would have been $5,889. I told them that someone must be going on a big trip and that I would need a second mortgage to pay the bill. They laughed and said I could work out a payment plan. I told them I would have to go to a dentist who accepted my insurance and they just grimaced a bit as they may have thought I was just another patsy.
  18. The wallet part did play into my appointment anxiety today.
  19. My blood pressure is typically normal, but I used to go to this one dentist who took my blood pressure, and it too was elevated. The dentist can make anyone's blood pressure rise, if you consider what they may be doing to you, both physically and to your wallet.
  20. I went to the dentist today, and they took my blood pressure. It was elevated. It's not normally elevated. I was in for a physical a month ago and it was normal. I was at the dentist just last week and it was not elevated. Being a worrier, however, it's now on my mind. I had them take it several times, but it remained up there. I know I have a few things not working in my favor today: * Two cups of coffee this morning * A stressful text exchange with my ex-wife * Just always feeling anxious about any medical/dental appointment I talked to my GP uncle and he said don't worry about it. I'm trying to let it go. I was so rattled that I went and bought an Apple Watch (which I'd been meaning to do anyway) to help track my health. It still felt like a total impulse drive (anxiety can make it very easy to hand over money). I guess I don't know what to do. My uncle suggested just checking it at one of those in store blood pressure machines once I've had time to calm down. He did add that those machines are not always accurate. He didn't think I needed to tell my doctor right now, unless it would help ease my mind. Anyone have any experience with blood pressure spiking like that?
  21. Likewise....this inflation stuff is a mess. People going hungry because inflation is not cool even if I have leftover Paxil and Cymbalta fat. Having no life has its advantages, but it's a mess too. GERD is treatable, so that's cool, too.
  22. Likewise....this inflation stuff is a mess. People going hungry because inflation is not cool even if I have leftover Paxil and Cymbalta fat. Having no life has its advantages, but it's a mess too.
  23. Thanks for the response guys...I really appreciate. I read up on GERD and boy it sounds awfully familiar.
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  28. @AnxiousinOH You have to think positive! 🙂
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