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  2. Does anyone have them on there legs?
  3. I just came on here to research something almost exactly the same...sigh...HA is lovely (sarcasm). Hang in there...I'm right there with you.
  4. I am deathly afraid that I have Macular Degeneration or some serious eye issues going on, I'm sure my stress isn't helping and I need to see a professional but I don't know how to keep my self calm in the meantime, all I can think of is the fact I'm going blind. Everywhere I look I see this "noise" or "tv static", it's especially noticeable in the dark or in very bright lights. I'm also seeing a lot of floaters in my vision. The is going to bring my severe anxiety back, I can feel it ugh...
  5. Pregnancy might be playing a role into things! Just mention it next time you see your OBGYN. Could just be a swollen and that happens when you're sick! Pregnancy is a lot to take on the body. If doctors aren't too concerned don't be either ❤️ Also CONGRATS!!! And keep us updated!
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  7. That's me. I have also found it to be coupled with low blood pressure. Anxiety manifolds it
  8. Hi All! Has been a few months since i have visited since i had been doing pretty well! My pregnancy is going along perfect, am almost 35 weeks now 🥰. Ready almost to meet my babyboy! so in the beginning of my pregnancy i noticed a single swollen lymphnode in my right axilla (armpit). Its a pea sized firm mobile lump deep in there, mostly palpable arms down, not very noticable when arm is up. Doctors felt like it felt quite innocent but sent me for an ultrasound anyway. Ultrasound did not find the node at all, just wrote ‘no space occupying process found’. So, 5 months later and recently my hormones have been playing up a bit more again and hence, so is the anxiety. I felt my armpit again yesterday and i feel like it got a but larger... especially laying on my right side i feel like its at least twice as big! When up straight ik not too sure, maybe a little bigger.. arm raised again hardly noticable.. so is it time to revisit the doctors? Demand another ultrasound? Or just leave it at the conclusion they made months ago?
  9. My wife was also diagnosed with a fatty liver. She is on a special diet called Optavia and has lost 30 pounds so far, with a bit to go.
  10. Just got home from the ultrasound and my gallbladder is good but I have the beginning of fatty liver so I need to work on my weight loss. I don’t have the results from the thyroid yet but it is currently under review. I am so hungry right now because I could not eat before the ultrasound so food is definitely my next step.
  11. It’s late so I’m stressing a little about the ultrasound but thus far I have been okay with the thyroid. I am also a little concerned about the ultrasound for the gallbladder but it’s more about the fact that I can’t eat or drink water until I get the scan.
  12. It seems like all is being addressed and time will tell the outcome 🙂
  13. I've also been reading and some say it could be Capillaritis or a vitamin c def
  14. A very heartfelt thank you to everyone that has responded every time I fly off the handle. Had my first therapy appointment yesterday and my therapist is nice and he is going to try to see me once a week. He complimented me on my coping skills (I have started walking to clear my head and it really helps). I went to my doctor today and I didn’t see her instead I got an internist but she was kind enough to listen to me about my concerns and turns out I do have a hemorrhoid and I got a cream to help heal up the blisters from the wipes. I have an appointment tomorrow to check on my thyroid because I have goiter like my mom and my gallbladder because they saw a stone or two when I had the stone hunt last year and they are following up on it. I am a little concerned about my gallbladder since one of my aunts and a cousin had to have theirs removed but that’s a bridge I am going to cross when I get to it.
  15. Has anyone found out what might be causing these dang things yet? Getting them bad on my lower legs now. I've had them now for about 15 yrs but sometimes there horrible like cover whole body just had blood work done 3 days ago and every 6 months and they say all looks good when I Google of course it says leukemia freaking out
  16. Scratching when it's hot out or in the shower can cause this.
  17. Has anyone found out what might be causing these dang things yet? Getting them bad on my lower legs now
  18. Earlier
  19. You have more chances by far to be hit by a car or to make a bad fall just walking in the street than to come down with an exotic virus that has a fatality rate below 2%. There's a hype right now about the coronavirus that brings about quite an hysteria. The common flu is much more of a health problem than the Covid, Sars or Ebola...
  20. If you had leukemia you would be bruised all over, not only in one spot. You would also be extremely fatigued, most likely feverish, you would be bleeding from the gums, you would lose weight rapidly... Nothing what you describe. And you don't need to hit something to get a bruise, sometimes a blood vessel bursts for no reason and a bruise ensues. You're fine! 😊
  21. If it's ALS you're worried about, let me alievate your anxiety right away. If any weakness related to ALS should kick in it would most likely involve one foot that you couldn't raise anymore regardless of how hard you'd tried and with absolutely no feeling nor tingling or numbness about it. In any case it wouldn't involve both legs at the same time. It's what's called limb onset and it's always about a limb, not two limbs at the same time. Besides, perceived weakness (what you describe) had nothing to do with clinical weakness which only a doctor can diagnose.
  22. 1. Anyone ever get heart palpitations or flutters when the are floating or treading deep water? It’s like the buoyancy effect from the water makes my heart float and it results in palpitations every time. 2. Anyone ever get a palpitation when they jump on a trampoline or jump rope or do a jump squat? Once again, it’s like the “reduced gravity” is making my heart float and it freaks out. Both things have happened to me. It’s not from fear or anxiety. I enjoy water activities and exercising, but the heart flutters have me frozen with fear. I see a cardiologist yearly. My heart has no anomalies or defects. I’m really having a hard time right now. I feel like a slug from not really getting in a good workout and I can’t enjoy water activities anymore with my family.
  23. I know a few people who have MS and tingling was not a symptom they had.
  24. That can be a side effect of alcohol. Maybe eat food when you drink next time and see if that helps.
  25. I hope this passes. This is the worst I've felt in a long time. Coughing on and off now and my chest hurts so bad. I have never had a sinus infection this bad before.
  26. Did you drink some water before you went to bed? It could be dehydration.
  27. Had some drinks and like always I’m awake with a racing heart in the middle of the night again. I hate this. It’s enough to make me want to say no more alcohol. It does it to me EVERY time.
  28. Sounds like your sinus infection is trying to get into your chest. Happens to me every time I get a sinus infection. Robitussin dm helps to break it up and Help that tight feeling. Stop listening to the media. They are hyping it up. My pediatrician told me that coronovirus is just like a REALLY bad cold and wasn’t a threat unless you were very old or very young or you have an underlying medical condition.
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