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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, this might be a long one! Ive suffered with hot flushes and night sweats for about four years now. My doctors have investigated and trialed me on medication, none of which made a difference. I’ve also been referred to speacilists who refer me to different specailist but no one seems to know why I’m suffering with these intense sweats. I’m only 27 and felt I was perimenipausul! Ive recently gotten a trapped nerve which my doctor has put me on pregabalin/lyflex for. Originally starting on 75mg twice a day my night sweats seemed better. I was then weaned up to 125mg twice a day and the sweats have completely stopped! No more waking up in a puddle with wet hair through out the night and I feel like I have a new lease of life. I have red that pregabalin can also treat anxiety, does this mean it’s anxiety I’ve been suffering with? For as long as I can remember I’ve suffered with head aches and shortness of breath and regurally get that being on the edge feeling. Looking into things I’ve said or situations I’ve handled far too much. I’ve also struggled obtaining my weight and have recently got down to 6 and a half stone. Ive always said I would never take medication to be mentally well (my mum has sever bipolar and is practically sedated on drugs. I don’t want to be like that) but I also can’t deal with the physical symptoms. Someone please tell me if this is anxiety 😩
  2. I hope everyone had a fantastic thanksgiving! Last night I was so bloated from food and 1 beer to the point I had a headache and could barely breathe. It was horrible! Around 3am I woke up in a literal PUDDLE of sweat from my lower abdomen to my knees. (Not urine). Of course my anxiety got the best of me and I was my mind has been wandering, I’ve felt loopy and just not well. My heart seems to beat harder with everything I do, and I have no energy. Everyone around me has this bad head cold thing. I have just never sweat that much at night in my life! Im still just freaking out ):
  3. Hi everyone. Going to make this quick as I can sometimes go on and on. I seem to occasionally get night sweats. Will wake up and the bed will be soaked. I live in Seattle where it is cold out. My room is about 70 degrees. I do sleep with a fairly thick down comforter duvet. But I do not sweat every night. It's random. Sometimes I'll have this girl over who I am seeing and will not sweat even though we're cuddled up with each other under the duvet comforter. She seems to sweat sometimes onto the sheets when she is over too. I went to many doctors about 5 months ago and had countless tests as I was going through some scary health anxiety and was experiencing many physical symptoms. All testing came back fine and life returned to normal around November for me. I was diagnosed with anxiety and BFS which is just considered fancy name for anxiety with many doctors. But night sweats were not something I was having when visiting those doctors at that time. I still have bouts of health anxiety when I feel a new symptom. It just seems there is always a new symptom and something new to worry about ever since my health scare back in April. I did do a full STD panel last week as I normally think it is a good thing to do when being intimate with someone new. Everything came back negative including HIV. She is getting tested this week too. I usually have a slight snack before bed but nothing too heavy. Sometimes I'll have some Kombucha (fermented tea) before bed. There is some caffeine and sugar in this but not a whole lot. I sleep naked too and so does she. I was slightly sick a month ago and had a moderate fever that lasted a few days. Went to the doctor and he tested for the flu. Came back negative. He said it was just probably a bacterial infection which will go away on its own and it did. Trying really hard to not get sucked back into the health anxiety episode I was in for so long. Any advice would be appreciated. Jeff