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  1. Just so sick of me.

  2. Good that it was fun. Looked like it had a darker tone. Only 12 people!? Have you got an infectious laugh?
  3. No spoilers as i haven't seen the film. I saw the trailer and couldn't help but think there is a hell of a lot going on. I was wondering if disney/marvel should of made it longer. Would you of been prepared to sit through a 3 or 4 hour avengers film?
  4. Hopefully this will be corrected through Ghostbusters, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman and new superheroine Cyber Space Punk Gilly .
  5. Would you be willing to pay a Physiotherapist to massage the area? Perhaps they can tell you if it feels normal!?
  6. Hi Mark. Welcome. How did you find the CBT? That is such a huge positive step to take.
  7. Clinical Depression

  8. Loving Christmas Lights

  9. Missing fluoxetine

  10. Why do i over eat all the time? i know i will suffer later.

  11. i am legend by richard matheson. Way better than that will smith film.
  12. Silly. Never boring. Better than the avengers. Lot of people throwing a wobbly about the after credit sequence. Dunno why considering the film they just sat through .
  13. Spider-man the octopus agenda by Diane Duane. It has doc oc as the main villain and has venom teaming up with the web slinger to stop him.