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  1. Hi, Phil, I've heard of probiotics, but not too much about digestive enzymes. Are they the same thing? Thanks.
  2. Pinky92

    Rib Pain

    Wow, Maria, that's when my HA went off into a life force of its own, when my mom had cancer. Ironically, I was okay while she was sick and to this day I thank God I was able to care for her, but when it was over, I was left with so many bits and pieces of information which I picked up from the Internet in my searches about her illness. All this useless info is now stored in my brain and it's a daily fight to deal with them. I forget where my car keys are, my glasses, my underwear, EVERYTHING except for the useless "health" info. I know exactly how you feel. It's brutal. Take care, and God Bless You.
  3. Pinky92

    Rib Pain

    Hi, Maria. I'd trust the tests. You're okay. You've pretty much beaten yourself up, physically. And because we have health anxiety, we pretty much never stop beating ourselves emotionally. I've beaten my abdomen up because I was convinced I had something that I could actually detect by pressing until I felt excruciating pain, then twisting around and causing back pain. Stop pressing, prodding, poking, you have actually bruised yourself. I don't think our insides appreciate it in the least. I stopped doing this and I feel so much better. I have forced myself to believe that if there is anything wrong with my internal body, it is smart enuf to manifest the pain on its own, it doesn't need me to help do the job it was made to do. It works. Believe your tests, and thank god for them. Take care.
  4. Hi Surfer. I think your anxiety is talkin real loud this morning. I too, am a "stool" worrier. I know how it feels. It almost feels good to hear that others do it too, certainly not that it makes me happy others are suffering, lol. I have every fear under the sun concerning bowel movements; I took it to my doctor who told me the ones to worry about are either black or very very pale, like white pale. Unless we're experiencing other serious symptoms, reddish stools are really no concern whatsoever, and it sounds like what you ate is the reason for the color. You are way young for something serious to be wrong, anyway. If it makes you feel any better, just reading your post gave me about five different types of intestinal twinges, burps, little burning sensations. How's that for the power of suggestion? Truly, surfer, it's what you ate. Eat better for a little bit and I bet you're back to normal before you know it. Take care.
  5. Hi Worrygirl. I think most of us have exactly the same fears, even people who do not suffer from anxiety or depression have doubts and regrets, it's our human nature. It's obvious you have a strong will to thrive, and this is very good. You are working on getting better, and that's really all we are capable of, isn't it? You are in the very prime of life, and you will be for decades to come. I myself have spent decades dealing with anxiety and depression and I wish I could get them back, but that is water under the bridge now. What it has taught me is that that MOST important thing is the PRESENT, because it is all I have. I could, and I have, spent (wasted) countless hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades, regretting the very thing I was DOING, wasting even MORE time. Be grateful, WG, that you are STILL so young to be aware of your reality; it is a gift to be aware. now, you can do something about it. I wish I had been your age when I realized I'd been wasting so much precious time, worrying, living in fear... Please believe You have every reason to be optimistic...don't look back. I wish you well. God Bless You.
  6. Hi Olivia. I get it pretty regularly. It's sinus drainage, like UTrocket says. Every symptom points to it. It's spring here, so I feel it right now. Maybe you have a sinus infection; I get them regularly, if they hang around long enuf and make me sick enuf, I end up at the docs for antibiotics and it clears right up. I only do the antibiotics if it hangs around over six weeks, which it has done, and I was absolutely miserable. Also, as to your question about cancer....NO, absolutely not. About a year ago, I was having totally unrelated symptoms, and had to have a brain MRI. And I do not have a brain tumor, or brain cancer. And I even had a bad sinus infection at the time. Please do not worry, Olivia, this is your anxiety working overtime. I know that feeling all too well. Your symptoms are sinus related, they have zero to do with your brain. I use one of those sinus rinses, you stick it up your nose and it cleans out your nose, sinuses and throat. It's not pleasant while you are doing it, but it cleans out all the nasties and works at getting rid of the awful taste and smell in your mouth. I do it a few times a day and it really helps. i hope you feel better soon, but please, rest very, very assured that you do NOT have anything bad going on.
  7. Hi, Fun. I remember you from AZ. This health anxiety thing is so brutal. I do know that googling is probably the worst thing we do to ourselves,,I.e., you say that "you can't find anything saying my type of polyp looks the way mine did". Fun, understand, please, that you WONT find anything to take away your anxiety from a session with Dr. Google. He's not a doctor, he doesn't know you, nor are we qualified to interpret a pathology report. These are all facts. Why are you "researching" colon polyps? Not to sound harsh Fun, but all this panic is self induced. I can say that because I know, I've done it so many times. Also, Fun, think about many other cancers have you been "sure" you have in the past few months? You have five children and a husband who need you NOW, get off google, and BE with them. These are the people who you are petrified of leaving, but in reality, you're not even with them. You are living as IF you have cancer. I truly hope you can find your way out of this, somehow, and begin to appreciate you already have EVERYTHING. I wasted decades, Fun, decades on health anxiety fears that I can never, ever get back. Do whatever you have to do to end this, but please, do it. See a therapist, consider meds, but please, do something. I will pray for you, and for all of us who suffer this way.
  8. Yes, of course, I only mean it in theory, MLLL. Sometimes, it seems as if all you ever hear about is the negatives; aside from all the money the US taxpayer gives in foreign aid, the generosity of the everyday citizen to their fellow human being is breathtaking; and this is done out if the generosity of their hearts, over and above the monies they pay in taxes. Not just dollars, either, it's given in the form of time, talent, charities and so forth. Thank God, and God Bless them.
  9. MLLL, I'd like to see the USA stop, just for a week or so, it's foreign aid, in all its forms, the impact would resound around the planet. It's actually more than the rest of the world, combined. Most countries have phenomenal natural resources, but their governments are so corrupt, it's impossible for their own citizens to survive. The world we live in today faces a threat unlike any other we've encountered. Political correctness and fear of being labeled a racist or bigot is now tantamount to being a convicted murderer. I can't imagine what this world is going to be like 5, 10, 20 years from now, if we even survive. I pray every day for the USA and for every other nation on the face of the earth, to stand up always to, and recognize true evil where it exists. It seems to be more and more difficult, with every passing day. God bless those who fight true evil, it is the most difficult fight of all.
  10. Well, actually, MLLL, I've had to stay indoors because of all the snow, so that kind of makes me feel down, I always go out for a while, even if it's for a half hour, so I've been stuck inside and I think I'm a little bored. I do my "must-do's", I shower, all that stuff, but it's been a real effort to do more; that's when the health stuff start, I.e., my side hurts, what's that? That mole looks funny. My stomach isn't right, my bowels don't seem right. Why does the roof of my mouth hurt. Honestly, it's exhausting. I have lots of things to do, I sew a lot, I color, I paint, but sometimes I'd just rather think about a mole or my bowels, or the fact that one side of the roof of my mouth looks different than the other, what's that I say. Then I get angry at myself and push myself as hard as I can to get my mind off of it. That's my cycle. I don't talk about it much, I think it scares my husband, lol. Thank you for "listening" as I vent.
  11. This is another great thread, ladies. Really got me thinking about how much time I waste, and how much I've wasted over the years. I'm trying not to ruminate about it tho, cuz that's just more wasted time. Making an effort to not waste anymore, and that includes hibernating when my anxiety gets to me. It wants to get me today, in the form of worrying about my digestive system, particularly what's gonna come out of me next. How ridiculous is that, anyway? Ugh.
  12. Gilly, I'm a big Bowie fan too. Still hurting over that one. I believe A lot of us have a hard time with "religion". It is, after all, a set of rules, no matter the particular "brand". They are important, yes, but they do not equal "faith". I would certainly never push my beliefs on anyone; it's not necessary. Reading your post about your husband, it sounds to me that your heart believes what cannot be seen, and that is the definition of faith. Maybe you have a lot more faith than you know. I won't say too much more on the subject; I will keep you and your husband in my prayers.
  13. Oh, Gilly. It certainly doesn't get much harder than this, does it? I suffer from panic attacks too and some seem to include long "hangovers". I believe you are still deep in your grief, and it's a fresh wave that's descended upon you. I can't begin to know that kind of pain; my husband is my rock and there are times when I actually have anticipatory grief at the thought of losing him. Losing my mother was bad enuf. It's good that you're going to the doctor, there comes a time when we need help and it sounds like it's time for you. Take the meds too, that and time will see you thru, once again. And you are NOT a failure; we are human and sometimes the pain overwhelms us. Keep praying, I will pray for you. Be kind to yourself, dear one. Big, big, strong hugs.
  14. Oh, boy, Diane. I know when I'm anxious, (all the time, really), the best thing I can do for myself is just do all the things I normally do. It gives me a sense of control, at least I know I can still function, not just fall apart, it really does help me. Do your coloring and anything that can refocus your mind, even minutes at a time helps enormously. I see them as little consolations from God, to help strengthen me. I wish I could be with you, we could color and see who's better at it!! Nothing like a little competition to hone your skills, lol. I'm working on an Elmer Fudd. Right now, it's snowing like crazy, caught in the blizzard. I'll be sewing, cleaning, a cooking. Thanking God I'm able to do it. Talking back and forth with my older sister who has been my second mother to me. She's 15 years old than I am. Life is best in its ordinariness. Hugs to you.