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  1. I am so sorry you are going through this. It is a very hard and challenging thing to go through especially by yourself. I'm here for you if you Ever need to talk.  Talking about a traumatic event can be soothing but also VERY emotional. I can relate a lil I have not been diagnose by a doctor to have ptsd but I struggle with the symptoms. Two months ago I was involved in a head on collision the other driver was on the wrong side of the road. He died Otw to the hospital but I was the one who heard him gasping and trying to fight for his life I can't get that sound out my head . I couldn't do anything to help because I was in so much in pain from the impact.  I laid in the grass until the paramedics came.  I have good, bad and worse day. But with our support from each other's experience we can get through this together. 

    Be blessed

  2. Thank you so much you just don't know what your words of wisdom do for me. I just need someone to talk to and let me know its going be ok and that I can prevail through this tough time. I'm so glad this world still has people with opened arms and understanding hearts. I CAN'T express how thankful I am for your response . have a blessed day
  3. Yes I do talk to my friends and they listen and try to be the best support system they can be.but they only can do so much since they can only show sympathy instead of empathy. But I will use this website to my best ability to get some understanding until I can get help.
  4. Thank you so much that did ease a lil pain for me especially when you tell me I will be able to have my life back means alot. I'm soo emotional because I finally can talk to someone who will understand. I've been a prisoner in my own mental state I can't afford help right now so all I can do is vent through this Amazing chat site. I'm just now going back to work since the accident so once I get my Financial situation together I can talk to somebody professionally because can't do this alone it's too much for me
  5. Gm I am new here as well. Just wanted to say I am all ears if you ever need to talk. Have a blessed day
  6. On October the 23. I was in a bad head on collision the person who hit me died. I know it wasn't my fault but I'm feeling a lot of pain if I even see an accident I start to panic I can only imagine what his family is going through. when I think about the details of the accident I get really emotional to where I can't control it . I can't get the sounds out my head of us colliding or of him gasping for air he was dying right in front of me nd all I could do was try to find help but I was to sore to walk so I laid in the grass. Thank god for the people that came to our recuse but unfortunately it was to late for him. I think about what did he say to his family before he took that last ride of his life. He was 77 and he had a wife and kids and grandchildren. It has been really rough for me since this happened a month before thanksgiving. Please help me to deal with this traumatic event I feel like I will NEVER! Get my life back.
  7. I just want someone to help me that's in the same situation or very relevant.