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  1. I have a lot of really bad days so there are a few things I've practiced to help, even if it doesn't help all that much - Sometimes I read (always have a handful of good books in your home) I watch one of my favorite movies I sit outside or go for a walk (basically anything outside is good) I take a shower I listen to calm music, for me it's usually instrumental I let it out and cry when I have to (never hold it back) I talk to somebody about it Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises can be helpful Eating something healthy (I like bananas most) Whatever makes you feel better, even in the slightest, is a way to start I really hope you feel better, sending positive vibes your way
  2. Does anyone know anything about a course called the Calm Mind system? It's a online course helping for adults with anxiety. I'd appreciate any info for or against. Upd: found review
  3. Pure awesomeness. I can't stop smiling!
  4. This is a fantastic list. Thank you for sharing! Upd: You know that feeling in your chest? The one that hurts so deep, like a giant elephant stepping on it? The one that makes you think you’re possibly going into a heart attack? It’s gone. Completely gone! My stress, anxiety, and so much more are finally under control after completing the Calmmind System. (search this course on google)
  5. Hi and welcome to this site. I'm also brand new to the site. I have a lot of really bad days
  6. I'm also brand new to the site. I hope you find everything you need from here. I've been reading through several forums and they all seem helpful and reassuring! Best of luck to you