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  1. Oh man! This is classic anxiety. CLASSIC!!! It’s this very sensation that’s sent me back into anxiety-land the past few days. It’s a horrible cycle. As far as your heart goes it sounds like they’re doing testing (the holter monitor) which is great!! If they find something they can treat it but anxiety is also treatable!
  2. Hey team. I’m a hypochondria survivor & it missed me so much that trying to come back. Ugh! I struggled horribly with it from March 2006 (onset after I had a baby) through 2014. Medicated for 6 months toward the beginning but didn’t like how it made me feel. Towards the end of that time I was prescribed Ativan for “break through episodes”. I did like the Ativan but was very cautious about taking it. Through counseling I really made strides and really didn’t have any major flare ups (maybe an occasional twinge of anxiety here & there but nothing major) after 2014. Oddly I walked through my husband passing unexpectedly, delivery of my fourth baby, graduating college all in a matter of 6 months between 2015-2016 with not so much as a freckle of anxiety. So I really thought I had it beat. Fast forward to present day. About a month ago I had a vertigo episode (I’m not new to vertigo. I’ve had this from time to time). But for whatever reason this triggered a full blown panic attack. The very next week I caught some stomach bug. The worst of it lasted 36 hours but I was weak a couple days after. One week later I started getting an upper respiratory thing. Had fever, full sinuses, snot for days, my ears were full, it started going down into my chest. Cough. Etc. It wasn’t until I lost my taste/smell that I realized it was probably Covid (no I didn’t get tested). It was 13 days ago that I had my first symptom. While things are much improved I still have a lot of snot. Yesterday my head started feeling swimmy. No other way to explain it. Swimmy & heavy. At first I talked myself down from the ledge of something horrible. I got out and did yard work. Oddly while I was working the swimmy/heavy feeling and the very mild dizziness & queasiness that went with it went away. But whenever I’d be still I would notice it again. it’s doing the same today. And I’m struggling with anxiety. I’m fearing the worse (as we do): brain tumor or something as bad. I feel like there’s pressure in my ears - so logical me says that there’s still junk leftover from Covid in there messing with my ears/head. But am I ever having a hard time fighting off anxious me. So that makes the symptoms that much worse! I am tired. Tired from still being under the weather. But also haven’t been sleeping well (I’m scared to sleep because I’m scared to wake up with vertigo again). Mentally tired from all of it! I just wonder what in the flip happened. I was fine even a couple of months ago but now....the anxiety is trying to make a comeback.