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  1. Good Morning everyone! I’ve dealt with health anxiety since I was a kid (23 now) and have convinced myself that I have had plenty of disorders and have not been correct about anything serious lol. So that’s good news, I try to remember that when I get carried away on something new. Unfortunately in may I began to notice that my left arm started to feel shaky as if I hadn’t eaten or had just worked out. I ignored it for a few days until it started to intensify. It ended up becoming very distracting throughout the day and causing me a lot of worry. None of the tremor symptoms I felt in it were visible. It just feels like it’s shaking or quivering from my hand up to my shoulder in variable intensity throughout the day. I noticed that it was worse immediately upon waking up and when laying in bed. No loss of strength or coordination. I saw my primary as well as a neurologist and neither found any concerning signs with this. I had a brain MRI done in January for something else, and the neurologist reviewed it once again and said that it is recent enough to justify that MS is not a concern at this time. This sensation spontaneously passed at the end of may. It did not come back for all of june, but it has returned as of early july and has been with me now for nearly 2 weeks. Same symptoms as previously, some slight tingling (which has reduced, the shakiness has not) and now I am noticing a similar feeling in my left leg. I also notice muscle twitches in that leg which are freaking me out, although they have gotten worse since i focused on them. I notice my pulse feels stronger in my left hand too, but the doctors do not seem concerned about any of this. I saw a second neurologist yesterday for a second opinion and he did not feel the need to order any new tests, so I am trusting in the doctors because they are more knowledgeable than I am. Ultimately, I am posting here to see if anyone has experienced similar sensations to what I am having and how they cope with them. MS is still a worry in my mind, although in my opinion it cannot be considered with a lack of other significant symptoms or evidence on my previous MRI so I am trying to stay calm. It’s very frustrating not knowing what’s going on, and I’m sure many of you can relate to that feeling. Looking forward to some replies, thank you!