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  1. Sometimes i have to google because i don't have anyone else to reassure me , like tonight i had a massive anxiety attack with head pressure eye pressure and it felt like my eyes were going to pop out of my head , i still don't know the answer but when i googled it brought me here and i used chat and it calmed me down .
  2. I used to take medication for anxiety and panic from age 10 until i was 18 . My new doctor at that time took me off all of the medication . I was fine without them and went a good few years without much panic or anxiety , but in 1994 my brother died suddenly at work he was 31 and it caused me all sorts of anxiety and i was scared i was going to die. Another new doctor prescribed me a valium based medication and it caused me some very scary side effects . Since that time i won't take anything . I do take paracetemol for pain and have had ant-biotics but other than that i am now even too scared to take a multi vitamin . i also have a few of plaster casts , i hate being near them . My son broke his elbow in 3 places back in 2011 and he had an operation and then a cast on . I was able to go near him but i was scared of it lol
  3. I don't want to preach as i don't know what you believe, but when you mentioned demonic attack i wanted to just say that i am a Christian and do actually believe sleepy paralysis is demonic . I now physically make the sign of the cross from the top of my head down my neck chest and stomach and plead the blood of Jesus over myself . I hate these attacks . Sorry if you are not of any faith i just wanted to share how i deal with this . Like i say i don't preach i only like to share and if i can help .
  4. Yep had this loads of times , its like you can't take a breath and you try to move but just cannot. I usually relax and give into it then i can move my finger and i wake up.
  5. I hope you are okay , i agree with Misterg that symptoms are much worse than you described. There has been a really harsh cold virus this year and the coughing sounds like you have had this virus, not that i am a doctor or anything just from experience as i had this virus and cough was horrendous just as you described. Sorry to hear you had a panic attack wish i could have been there to help you through it as you needed comfort and support to help you . xx
  6. I have a lot of those symptoms , especially the breathing problems sometimes i feel i can't get a deep enough breath and feel like something stuck in my throat. also the lightheadness and dizzybut not spinning , hate this so much
  7. Hi there , it helps to know we are not alone though . I know how you feel and most people don't understand us but the feelings are so real and so scary, i find keeping busy helps and just be able to share our symptoms on here is a great help . Your not alone and i feel better already knowing others know how i feel . Hope you do find help from the psychiatrist xx
  8. aww i do the same we went away for Christmas 24-27th in a log cabin and a few days before i was fretting and was going cop out of going , but it was all paid for and i knew my son and his wife and my grandson were looking forward to it too, we did go but like i mentioned Christmas morning i was in a total panic and anxiety over the flash in my eye . I nearly know why that happened it was too much light in my eye it happens to us all from time to time , but it still freaked me out . The cruise sounds terrific , where are you going , and i know its easy for me to say but just go and enjoy yourself you deserve it . We will help each other through all this and support each other eh
  9. wow that is so true , i do google but i also go to the doctors to make sure i am okay , i also panic at the slightest thing wrong with me .
  10. Hello , I am 50 and female have a husband two son's and a 3 year old grandson . I have suffered panic and anxiety disorder since being 5 years old. I have many horrible things happen during my lifetime and i haven't had an easy time on this earth . I have been let down by my doctors until recently when i started to go to a new lady doctor. My anxiety has been made worse this year when i broke a back tooth , i know it seems silly but it caused me to panic as i am petrified of dentists, the tooth didn't hurt but it was sharp and was hurting my tongue. I am a Christian and i prayed that i wouldn't need the needle to repair the tooth as it was also a filled tooth. Well my prayer was answered and it was filled without the need of the needle . Anyway from then on i started feeling all dizzy not spinning dizzy but like on the top of my head when i move my head from side to side or up and down . I went to the doctors she checked my blood pressure standing sitting , i had my thyroid tested blood sugar tested all fine, she tested me for vertigo , did the thing with the pen all fine, but i still get the dizzy feeling on top of my head, some days its not so bad but others its horrible . I also have suffered migraine all my adult life not bad headaches but the aura which cause me severe anxiety and it causes me to be anxious and panic for days afterwards . On Christmas morning i couldn't sleep and it was 3am so i decided to look at some pics of my grandson on my mobile phone as he always fills my heart with joy and love , when i went to lie down and sleep i saw a flash of light in my left eye that expanded like a firework ,it was only a split second but it freaked me out and i had anxiety all Christmas and boxing day . I try to be really brave and really try to cope with my anxiety but i need constant reassurance that i am going to okay . Does anyone relate to my symptoms ? Thank you xx
  11. Just wanted to say hi and thank you for letting me join