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  1. Joy... All i can say is thank you to everyone on here. Yeah, i did come on here to complain a lot and worry... but you were right it was nothing but stress and it's very scary how stress can really effect your health
  2. I am greatful to give people hope and inspiration, anxiety can be defeated... you just have to see what is the trigger. Obviously mine was stress and yeah mostly stress lol. Anyone can overcome this....
  3. I have been anxiety free for almost 2 months already, once i got off the meds i notice a huge change in myself. No longer did i have pains or any of that.... my hives went away pretty much every symptom i ever had just dissolved. I feel so free from all this shit that I've been through now i can start living and that's what i have been doing... working, and spending time with my little girl. When i have free time i either read or review movies that i love on youtube lol... I want to thank everyone on this site for dealing with my bull crap all those times... I feel much better as a person and i never want to go through that shit again.
  4. I haven't been on this site in awhile ever since i moved back in with my parents, I've been working three jobs and i finally have a day off from all three. I still have my fear of PC only because now i get severe abdominal pain and i also got off Celexa cold turkey due to the allergic reactions I had to it. This fear is no joke it totally consumed me even though I know i would be dead by now, i am still scared to death of it.
  5. I was doing quite fine with myself until last night after i had pasta with butter and Soda, now i'm suffering with upper left abdominal pain that hasn't gone away since yesterday, but it went down a lot. I know with Pancreatic C most symptoms are stomach pain that can mean anything and now I feel like i only have a month left to live... I really need help
  6. Catherine i don't think i'm going to die from this lol and Nate, thank you bud! this really helped me. I had no idea you were going through the same thing man. Hope all is well with you bro
  7. I have this sharp pain in my right shoulder blade and it always happens everytime i take a deep breath. I was having an awesome morning watching cartoons with my youngin and now this shit happens. I feel anxious once again and scared for my life i don't want any type of disease =\ I hate having HA
  8. After my last attack i had last weekend with my burning and itchiness i decided i am going to have to ignore it and move forward, I had such a fun day today with my daughter even though i was itchy as hell, It made me realize what's really important in life and I can't afford this little baby to not know who i am because of hypochondria. I'm not going to have that. So from this day on no matter how sick i feel i might as well put it behind me, and focus on what's important in my life. On the other hand i think i might be allergic to Celexa, I keep breaking out all over my legs it looks like red hives. I really learned to appreciate life just from spending quality time with my baby girl all this weekend so far... And i have to fight it, i can't just say fuck it and let this whole thing consume me. I am a fighter and i will get through this. It's going to set me back but Anxiety isn't going to win this fight.
  9. Yes, I was on Anxiety Zone but one day i tried to log in and it said i was banned. I had no clue why, i was hurt by that because i was talking to some cool people on there as well, when people message me and write me on my posts saying i like to strike fear into everyone and how i'm a sick mental fuck that really hurts, because i would never like to strike fear into anyone, I am just like everyone else on this site and every other anxiety site trying to deal with my anxiety and problems. Plus i love helping people out and giving advice as well. I love this site, i love the people i talk to on this site, and if i'm going to get a reputation for something i didn't even say or do when i am suffering with the same shit that everyone else is suffering on here with, i find that extremely messed up. I always respected everyone on this site, you don't have to believe me it's fine, you can ban me from this site but i am being truthful and honest. I swear on my little girls life that was not me on Anxiety Zone starting all that fear. I am not trying to convince anyone to believe me but I am really greatful to the help i got on this site, you guys pushed me to seek help and move on with my life which i try to do every day just a little bit. I am very hurt by this. Have a good night
  10. For the past three weeks I've been pains on and off and after i had dinner two nights ago it seems like i got really really bad Acid Reflux, the problem here is even with antacids this doesn't go away. I get pain in my left side under my ribs after i eat, sometimes its a sharp pain that i have to lay down for it to go away. It hurts so bad i cry sometimes, At least today i was able to have cereal and it didn't bother my stomach especially with the milk. I am deathly afraid and i can't see another doctor until June because my GI doctor is booked. I even get a burning sensation after i eat through my arms, hands and legs. I think i have a serious medical condition but how is this possible? especially after I just got tested 3 months ago? I doubt much can change during that short amount of time. I need to get myself together because even though i'm trying to remain positive i feel like i'm going to lose it, at least i don't have loss of appetite, i do get hungry - very hungry in fact.
  11. I've been feeling like a million bucks up until last night after dinner, my girlfriend made Pasta with Marinara sauce and i had a sprite. Right after i ate the food i had such a horrible burning sensation in my stomach that i was actually bent over crying, finally it died down and i took xanax to keep me relaxed. This morning the stomach burning is still there, and that's the part thats really freaking me out. I don't know if it could've been the food that done it, or my anxiety that set off a burning stomach, but i am really scared to go to the doctor and get more testing done. I can't even stop crying because i was watching a special on Patrick Swayze not to long ago and the way he knew something was wrong entirely was after he ate dinner with his wife his stomach felt like a bowl of acid melting his stomach, and that's exactly how i felt last night. This brought my fear back of PC I'm still going to try to live my life but i know i don't have much time left.
  12. Today i had perfect stool which really made me happy. I just get really scared with all this rib pain I've been getting and it travels, It goes from my ribs to my lower back and my lower stomach and sometimes it hurts. I figured i know i have nothing wrong with me because if i had any pancreatic problem or gallbladder problem i don't think my stool would've came out brown and my urine would be clear. I don't know if its my anxiety or stress even though i'm not really stressed out or could it be gas? I'm really scared over here still I'm trying very hard to overcome my fears, i already accepted i suffer from hypochondria but for some reason i can't stop googling
  13. After reading this i'm considering getting a second opinion. I'm not going to lie this did scare me a little bit
  14. I lost 10lbs in a week I'm trying not to freak out but i'm thinking it can be due to the Citalopram and no appetite? My anxiety is acting up really bad right now and i'm getting worried. =\