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  1. Thanks for all your answers, I'm fine although that topic is spinning in my head, I generally exposed myself to get vitamin D from what dr. holick that 5 to 10 min, 2 times a week is enough to have a good amount of vitamin D; But other doctors think that up to 1 minute of sun is bad and causes damage and that causes me anxiety. Also that whenever I expose for 5 minutes after a few hours I feel some slight pricks, a little burning and slight itching but the skin does not redden, much less peel. Do you think that the anxiety generator?
  2. I am from Peru and I suffer from anxiety I think I have not gone to a therapist but a while ago I was obsessed when they did a tomography with radiation, then when I smell second-hand cigarette smoke I get a little scared and now last because I was reading that One must expose a little skin to the sun (5 or 10 minutes) to obtain vitamin D, in my case it was only 5 minutes at 1 in the afternoon and after that I felt a little burning on the skin until 1 day later I feel lightly punctured, it has not turned red or peeled anything happily but I'm afraid that this could cause skin cancer in the future :( I KNOW that I sound stupid, I hate probabilistic things and I feel that I did not measure my skin's reaction well, I am fair complexion. Sorry for my bad english i use google translate jeje