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    No. The thermometer is accurate. Ear is always warmer than the oral. I did check that before. Don't stress about anything. Covid won't harm much and it is curable. I have witness the people with more health conditions or history with previous health conditions are suffering the most with covid-19. Don't worry at all. She will be fine. Just try to divert her mind. Tell her not to take it over her nerves. Give her a lot of calcium and vitamins. A proper diet which I'm sure she must be taking and keep her away from the kids. Give her some books to read so that she could divert her mind. I was tested positive and had to quarantine myself. I was stressing about it alot. I use to come here or other forums. To divert my mind. I bookmarked a very goood article which kept me motivated and stress free. https://mangoclinic.com/top-30-fantastic-blogs-that-will-help-you-heal-during-the-pandemic/ Here you go. Do share your updates with these blog (Any one) They will help you alot regarding Covid-19. Just share what you are feeling and you will get the best advice. I even use to go there to ask my stupid questions and it was literally helpful. I hope it helps. Stay Blessed! :)
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    I have heard that Vitamin D3 has quite a positive impact, Corona or not. I take it in general from September to April after a blood test stated I was quite low. Low Vitamin D levels are an epidemic in and of itself. It helps with the sunlight we aren't getting! I found out a second guy in my men's group has tested positive for Corona last night, six days after we last saw him. Today is day seven. We were all wearing masks the entire time and he had no symptoms when we saw him. I asked whether or not we should be quarantining and was told we were fine as long as we had the masks. I looked up my county here in Ohio: Ninth out of 88 (we were around 20th for the longest time) - 3,000 cases (pandemic-long) for people 40-49....almost 60 hospitalized, and ZERO deaths.
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    Her tests results came back positive this morning... she has been isolated since the 7th. We have a full house. My wife and I and our 4 children.. 2 which are young adults. We are all in quarantine now. Wife's fever seems to have broke overnight.. could of been all the stress/anxiety of waiting for results. Now the waiting game. She has no symptoms really at the moment. Giving her D3 and Vit C the last few days. Eating normal. Hard on the head for sure. Trying to keep the kids from worrying about mom.. Appreciate all the feedback. Thank you all.
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    Thank you for the responses. I haven't noticed anything else. My anxiety has just been bad lately and I feel like I'm just ultra focused on this.
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    An ear (tympanic) temperature is 0.5°F (0.3°C) to 1°F (0.6°C) higher than an oral temperature. An armpit (axillary) temperature is usually 0.5°F (0.3°C) to 1°F (0.6°C) lower than an oral temperature. I had temperature anxiety as well regarding COVID. Take note, you *will* go slightly above 98.6 typically in the late afternoon to early evening. I sometimes have temperatures of 98.6 - 99.0 during this time and sometimes if I'm not careful about my health anxiety i can make myself think I'm running a mild fever. So depending on the time of day, consider the fact that taking it in the ear (+1 F) plus taking it late in the day (+0.5) and it makes sense your wife reads 100F. If your wife isn't experiencing any other flu/fever symptoms she should be ok, especially if you do the ear temperature.