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    I've been having a feeling like something is stuck in my throat behind my breastbone for a few months now off and on. Some things improve it, mint, hot drinks, super cold drinks, and intermittent fasting makes it go away almost entirely until I start eating again. I've tried to write it off as anxiety, acid reflux, stress, muscle pull, etc... but it isn't really going away or improving. 😕 I finally got myself to the point mentally where I am going to set up a doctor appointment for answers. This brings me no small amount of anxiety. Doctors and the "what if" they represent is almost worse than the anxiety I experience wondering if something is really wrong this time. I can't live in the bubble of denial if I call and set up an appointment. Now I am in the thralls of worry and despair as I call in the morning and then wait for the appointment date to arrive. My joy and anticipation for normal every day life things disappears during this time. I don't look forward to things and my hunger leaves... I don't have fun at all. Every one of you probably knows exactly what I am talking about. The anxiety sets in and I begin twitching more all over the place as this looming threat marches my direction. The likelihood is that I have Gerd or maybe a small hernia in my esophagus that is causing these issues. Yet, I can't shake that ever present thought of "this time it's bad." I'm scared to leave my wife to raise my two sons alone; one three next month and the other two in September. I'm afraid to find out what my future holds... and that it is horrible. I realize the odds are definitely in my favor that it is nothing and these appointments will likely end this anxiety entirely with an answer and solution provided. But that what if... I just can't move past it. 😕 I guess I just need common sense, cooler heads, and encouraging words at this point. Maybe someone who has gone through a similar thing? I realize none of you really know what it is but I also know that my own mind and emotions cannot be trusted right now. Thanks guys. 😔
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    I am envious too. I also take medicine for my epilepsy, and other conditions I have. But I also know the stigma on medicine needs to go away. It's ok for us to take medicine, especially under doctors orders. 🙂
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    Exactly it really is about quality of life!.I am just a wreck if I don't take my meds.To the people that are med free.....I am envious:)
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    People are scared of Benzo's but my doctors have assured me daily low dosage even long term is ok because it improves quality of life. As long as I'm taking it as the doctors are telling me to and not over-taking it and communicating with them how it's making me feel, which have all been positive (better sleep, less migraines, neck pain, less anxiety, nausea, able to do simple tasks anxiety prevented me from); they see it as a huge net positive. I couldn't stop peeing from a bladder flair (of a physical health condition I have); and it even stops me from people 2-3 times an hour. I'm not thrilled about taking them and had a friend talk me through on the phone today and took them with them on the phone, but now that they've kicked in, my sense of logic came clear.
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    It's possible it's a new allergy. The fact he's got hives each time he's eaten it means he's getting a histamine reaction. The fact the hives are getting worse each time, I would avoid anything with egg, chicken, or chicken flavoring/ broth in it until an allergist reconfirms with oral test (they will have him eat it and react in a safe environment) that the allergy itself isn't chicken.
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    Jets and Amy Lee does it for me.:)
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    Any bad news makes headlines and is talked about continuously. There was a study done once where only good news was reported on and no one watched or listened to it.
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    https://ajp.psychiatryonline.org/doi/10.1176/appi.ajp.2019.19030256 Maybe not helpful currently but seems promising.
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    This exactly. I can look back to my twitch fears from a year ago and see how silly it is. Yet, this time I have this feeling of something in my lower esophagus, acid reflux at times, can't burp, and my throat croaks when I swallow saliva... so I am convinced this time that there is a serious issue down there. Something looming and deadly. This time... it's real. I wish I could go forward and look back at my current. 😞