List Of Over 100 Anxiety Symptoms

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Thank you Gilly for this list. It has helped me on more than one occasion. I have a big day tomorrow and have some symptoms tonight. Yes these symptoms can be a sign of a disorder but when you have anxiety the mind always goes to the worst case scenario when it probably shouldn't. Your list reminded me that I'm pretty sure the numb sensations in my feet are just anxiety and the more I think about them (have been all day) the worse they seem. Thank you for you for providing things like this for when we need it most x

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I have read these and I have experienced so many of these things. Some still today. I hate to be made a fool of or embarrassed. It throws me instantly into the body on fire adrenaline rush.

Has anyone ever had the entire body on fire (adrenaline) sensation. I had It a few times but once I swear my mouth was so warm inside and I had a weird taste in my mouth for a few seconds. I started in my feet and went up both legs all the way to the top of my head. It only lasted a few seconds but it was horrible and the next few hours I had the worries. I have had this one while driving. Fun.

What about other's shortcomings? Does it drive anyone else nuts when co-workers are not doing anything at all and you are trying your best. I read somewhere that this may be another issue associated with Anxiety. This is really bad some days.

This will sound really weird......After the big one I had, it felt like the next one was staring me right in the eyes. I actually would look to one side or the other and not forward because the feeling was so overwhelming. I also would have a heaviness on my chest. In my mind it became a dog that was standing on my chest trying looking me in the eyes to hurt me. That's the only way I could explain to my wife how I was felling.  

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