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My name is Jaclyn, and I am currently a first year graduate student pursuing my MS in Psychology at Villanova University. Having battled anorexia throughout my working years, I have experienced both social and occupational stigma. My own experiences have been unique and upsetting, and I do not believe that experiences of stigma should be reduced to numbers. For that reason, I am conducting a qualitative research study in the form of interviews with men and women battling eating disorders in the workplace in the hopes of learning more about the stigma they face. There is a LOT of research on the implications of stigma in the workplace as well as the sort of stigma those with eating disorders face, but there is very little literature regarding the impact of having an eating disorder in the workplace, and I hope to contribute to the field in a meaningful way by conducting this study. I am hoping to present at both the ANAD and NEDA conferences in October. Your participation in the study would consist of a 60 minute (maximum) phone interview in which your history with the disease and how it has affected you in the workplace. You would be completely free to skip any questions you found uncomfortable or simply did not wish to answer. The interview is recorded and transcribed so that we (Dr. Katina Sawyer, who is supervising my project, and myself) can see if certain themes arise from these interviews. All recordings and transcriptions are locked in Dr. Sawyer's office and all potentially identifying information (name, phone number, employer - if any of this is mentioned) would be removed to ensure complete confidentiality. If you are still interested in participating in the study, I would absolutely love to speak with you! If you could send me some times that would work well for you to talk for half an hour to an hour, I'm sure we could work something out! Thank you so much again, and I hope to hear from you soon! 

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