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Ear pressure / tumor?

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I have a feeling of pressure in my left ear. It’s the same feeling you get in a plane. It started a week ago and has’t fully gone away.

I’ve tried everything: swallowing repeatedly, different techniques where I close my nose and blow/swallow, etc.

I also tried Affrin, Flonase, Claritin, Sudafed and Tylenol.

It started Friday, Feb. 19th. It went away for a while from the evening of Monday, Feb 22nd through Thursday morning Feb 25th. It returned that Thursday.

The one note is that I have hearing loss in that ear. I have has that since my 20s. I’m now 44.

I saw an ENT and he did a hearing test + work-up. He found the hearing loss and prescribed a weeklong regimen of Prednisone. He also wants me to get an MRI.

I’m started taking 60 mg Predisone yestersday, Friday, February 26. It’s now Saturday and I feel no relief.

I’m incredibly anxious that this will never go away or that they’ll find a tumor in the MRI.

I’m in desperate straits.


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I have ringing in my left ear 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and have had it for years. Sometimes it is softer and sometimes louder. Sometimes it is like you are at the ocean and you hear ocean waves. Sometimes it is a whooshing sound. When I asked my internal medicine and ENT physicians about it, they said they have it too and to learn to live with it. My ear feels full at times too. A number of years ago I was dizzy off and on every day for 6 weeks. I thought it would never go away. My ENT physician told me that as we age, the crystals in our ears shift and it takes a while for our brain to catch up with the change, so thus the dizziness. Hopefully your issue will slowly go away on its own. I am in no way a physician or qualified to give any diagnosis, but if I was a betting man and I used to be, I would bet it is an inner ear or drainage issue and not any tumor. By the way, welcome to the forum. 

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I just had a bit of "stuffy head" return today.  It happened a few weeks ago.

I have a fan blowing in my room and turned it up to high since it was getting warmer in my room - lows around 10c as apposed to -10c outside. 

It will clear up - it's also going to be allergy season in the north soon.

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