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  1. I get palpitations too. I can feel mine during the day at times. We likely feel them more at night because everything is calming down since we are preparing for bed. Mine always scares me but I try to remind myself I've had so many EKGs and things done that my heart is OK. I do avoid like chocolate & caffeine because they make my flutters worse.
  2. I know exactly what you are going through. I know it doesn't feel like it but everything will be OK. I am here to talk if you need.
  3. Hello I know all to well what you are going through. I'm also looking for people to chat with just to try and add positivity to my life. Feel free to contact me
  4. I just turned 30 this year. I know not seeing your son is hard. For me I hate being around my kids having so many panic attacks. We have to work on getting ourselves better for our kids. I know stress plays a big part in my life. Is there anything you like to do to try to stay stress free?
  5. No I'm in the US. Most of my anxiety is over my health. I too know the affects of infidelity. I struggle with how I view myself at times because of it. I started therapy but I'm searching for a different one. Do you have any children? What are you doing to help you through your separation?
  6. Hello, this is my first time doing any kind of talking with anybody other than family. This past year has been the hardest for me as far as my anxiety. So many days I still believe there is something else wrong despite how many times I've been to the hospital and doctor. I've been trying to find anything that will help. Most days I feel alone and ask why can't I "fix" myself. I spend all of my time by myself (except for my kids who around and husband when he isn't working). I hate admitting it but google is my friend even tho it ACTUALLY isn't (Hope that makes sense). I'm open to any conversation, advice, anything positive!