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  1. i really don't know what it is...but it's scary and makes me immediately think about esophageal cancer.
  2. Hi everybody, i'm sorry to open another thread but right now i'm really scared. I would like to know if any of you have ever had these symptoms. As I wrote in another post, I'm probably suffering from acid reflux. some types of symptoms have decreased since I take PPI (10 days), but there is one that terrifies me: chest pain. It happened to me in some moments of the day, especially when I wake up, to have a strange and strong pain behind the sternum, exactly in the middle of the pectorals. I'm going to the gym, so sometimes I thought it might be a muscle or bone problem, but it's clear that it's more likely a reflux problem. it Changes in intensity during the day. The thing that scares me and confuses me is that the pain changes according to certain movements, for example if I close my shoulders forward, or if I rest my arms on the chair to pull myself up. Has anyone suffering from reflux ever had this kind of pain? I am terrified of having a mass growing behind my chest, in the esophagus.
  3. today eating i was trying to feel the way i swallow and it gave me the feeling i have a problem swallowing rice and meat. Also, i've always drank while eating, so the food passes more easily, and now i think maybe that's why i never noticed something is wrong there, and now it's getting bigger
  4. you don't have to do nothing, there are probably millions of people who took and still takes zantac Something is happening to me now. I take too much care on how i swallow, and i also noticed that i like to wash the food down, especially when eating rice and meat. I don't know if it's a bad habit, now i feel like if i don't drink the food will just stay in my esophagus. I'm confused by my body sensations
  5. Stay calm, it's just a suspect case and NO HUMAN BEING has got cancer by using it, they say they discovered something wrong using it on some animals, and they are not even sure, they are removing it just in case...
  6. Yes i heard about zantac, but you may heard they are retiring it because of some "possible" cancerous substance they found, so now is not available. And also, i'm far away from home and some things are hard to find. I was thinking i may just split the 20 mg and take 10.
  7. After 8-9 days of omeprazole i can say one thing. I don't know how some people can live a full life taking PPIs : _ my stomach is DEAD. I mean, sure i feel better with the reflux, it's obvious because my stomach is not working. I eat a slice of bread and i feel like i ate an elephant. _ my colon was working like a charm, now : gas, poo in pieces, difficulty to evacuate. I really guess it will be my last day of this s..t, if anybody can suggest me an alternative, i would appreciate it. I'm fixing my diet (here i was eating a lot of plantain, like 2 a day, and i think, since it is a really acid fruit full of c vitamin, it could have been the trigger to my reflux), fixed my bed, etc
  8. thank you so much!!! I am taking omeprazole because i'm a long way from home and i took it with me with my medicines...but as i said, i am a mild IBS sufferer and the damn Omeprazole is making my intestine feel horrible, lot of gas, especially in the afternoon. I could talk to a gastro just to ask him about the side effects and he said i just have to try another PPI to see if it will have the same side effects, so tomorrow i will try with Pantoprazole. In 23 days i will be back home and i will ask my gastro if we can meet
  9. That's normal, been there. Checked my prostate, bladder and everything is fine. If i guess right you are 35, i'm 38, we are young but getting older, your muscles just don't respond as quickly as they used too and when you just wake up they are "sleepy", any doctor will explain you this with specific words. Chill out.
  10. @bin_tenn sorry about your dad, i lost mine to throat cancer (spred into his lungs). I understand @sTeaLth when he says your post is "scary", but i guess your main point was that he was an heavy smoker and drinker and that those seems to be general caractheristics of almost all esophageal cancer victims.
  11. yes, you're absolutely right. I'm trying not to focus on swallowing, but as i said, the main symptom worrying me is the discomfort in the chest when i swallow food, is like a burning sensation. I know this may be an esophageal irritation due to my bout of GERD, but if you look it up online it says i may have a mass, etc etc. Obviously now i'm worried i may have not noticed my reflux in these years and now i have something bad, etc etc. You know, i would not be here if i wasn't like that
  12. Thank you, are you able to direct your kind words to yourself, or just like me, you are good at reassuring people but not yourself? LOL
  13. My dad died at 75 of throat cancer (not esophagus), but he was a pipe and cigar smoker all of his life, plus he used to drink from time to time. I don't do any of those things, hope it will help me stay healthy,
  14. Let me tell you one simple story: i am a big football fan. Two seasons ago my team was about to win the championship after 30 years, so every game of the long season was like a finale to me. Every time my team played, i was so anxious i'd go to take a pee every 5-10 minutes. So Yes, anxiety can send you to the bathroom more often. Don't worry about that.
  15. Thank you so much my friend, i forgot to add another boring symptom : the post nasal drip. I always feel like mocus falling in my throat and need to clarify my voice.
  16. Hello guys, how have you been? I had a lot of problems getting into the forum lately, I finally made it. I don't know if anyone remembers me and my uncontrollable fear of having colon cancer. Well, after the last visit to the gastroenterologist, I convinced myself that I didn't have anything serious, and I must say that my gut worked well and I was more serene ... until about ten days ago. Right now I am at 9000 km from home for work. One morning I woke up with an incredible pain in the sternum, something I had never experienced in my life so much that I thought I had a heart attack. Fortunately, the pain receded after a few minutes, but from that moment I started to have strong reflux symptoms. No acid, only a lot of air, a feeling of a lump in my throat and (the symptom that scares me the most) burning in my chest during swallowing. I have been taking omeprazole 20 mg a week, which unfortunately fills my intestines with gas and brings me back to having irritable bowel problems. I'm terrified of having cancer of the esophagus. I know the chances are low since I'm 38 and I don't smoke or drink, but fear is making me sick. The symptom that scares me most is the burning sensation that remains in my chest after swallowing. I would like to know your stories, please, help. Thanks
  17. I'm so glad you are trying to stop obsessing. I still just can't LOL. Today I had pellets stools and it makes me crazy. I read is a common IBS symptom.
  18. Guys is pellets like stool a symptom of IBS? I'm trying hard not to look, but today i felt small pieces coming out and i had to look they looked like horrible pellets pieces.
  19. hi my dear, talking to an expert here. I am loosing my mind into the colon cancer fear. But as you might now, we hypocondriac can be really rational with everybody except ourselves. From what i read... Your stool is pretty normal, it's impossible to think our stool will look the same every day of our life. Some years ago a crazy guy made a blog where he photographed his stools, and you could see they are different every day. 2 - the pressure in the rectum is WITHOUT QUESTIONS due to hemorrhoids, because i had them too for a short period and that's exactly the feeling they give you (like you always have to go to the bathroom) 3- you didn't tell us how many times a day you normally go and you are going now, but it may be your anxiety causing you to go more. 4-how old are you? I am in TOTAL FEAR thinking i have colon cancer, so i understand you perfectly. If you want to message me you are welcome Hugs
  20. Don't it happen to you guys that you feel UNLUCKY ? I mean. The last 2 days i was feeling fine, my anxiety was low, maybe because the natural pills i am taking are starting to have an effect on me, my stool were fine, stomach feeling great eating with hunger... and then... i don't know why, tonight, 15-20 minutes after dinner, i had diarrhea. now it's like once in a week i have diarreha, always after eating. Tomorrow i will call my gastro to see what he suggests, but really, every time i feel better, something happens ...
  21. Hi guys, thank you for your great support. @lofwyr : i know i have to try it. I am seeing a psichologyst, but he's still not a big help. He told me i'm not hypocondriac, he says i'm just in an exhistencial hole of my life and since i don't find the way out i concentrate 100% on my so called diseases. I really thank you all so much for being here
  22. yes, but it's called a change in the bowel habits. I used to go always 2 times, now i'm only going once. I wish i could, i really wish
  23. well guys, as you can imagine, my symptoms are getting worst so every day i am more convinced i have cancer. I've always been a 2 times a day guy. Now suddenly there are days i only go one time (happened 2-3 times). I really don't know what's happening. I talked to a gastro on the internet, i told him my story and he says i have IBS caused by my anxiety, and the symptoms get worst because of my anxiety. The only symptom i still don't have is blood, and i am calling it, cause i see it coming, because it looks like every symptom i read sooner or later i have it. Yesterday i was thinking "Well at least i am regular i always go twice a day"... and look now i am really scared guys, really. Thank you so much angrry, i need all the help possilbe now
  24. YESSS happens a lot if you take a nap during the day, also if you play some game on your cellphone or a videogame. Our brains are so solicited from this tecnology, the least it can happen is to have an agitated sleep
  25. Hi angrry, thank you for your kind words, since you are living my same fear, i appreciate it even more. Hope you get better soon. I'm taking some natural pills for my HA, also seeing a psycologist who's helpful for the moment, but the day after i see him i come back to my fears.