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  1. Hey gary, My brother deals with acid reflux/ibs quite a bit as well as anxiety and he describes it pretty much the same as what your experiencing. I've noticed a post nasal drip feeling in my throat before as well with acid relux from time to time. Feels thick and takes extra effort to swallow. The time of year might not help depending on where you live or are at the moment. Lots of alergies this time of year could also contribute to the post nasal drip feeling. I'm sure any kind of stress/anxiety will only enhance the discomfort. My brother has delta with it for years now and he's younger then me so I'm sure your going to be alright. Take care
  2. Hey everyone. I'm new here and hoping someone can offer some advise. I'll try to be as thorough as possible without writing a novel. I'm 37 male btw. So basically I started focusing on my urination habits way to much for some reason and after reading up on normal frequency it has only caused more anxiety about it. I'll be great for a few days and then like a light switch I'll begin to worry and focus on it again. Sometimes I feel like I go too often compared to what I read is (normal). I will also notice a slight irritation at the tip of my urethra which kind feels like an urge to go sometimes but i might notice it even if I don't actually need to urinate. I went to the doctor on August 30 and did a urinalysis which was completely normal and my doctor was not concered. I've gone back and forth between diabetes and prostatitis/pelvic floor but I have no other symptoms of either and I've read up on them plenty as google can be like crack for an anxious mind. I do workout heavy 5 days a week but I dought that is causing this without accompanied pain. I go back for my yearly check up/blood work in a few weeks so if something is wrong I'm sure I'll know then but has anyone else noticed anxiety affecting their urinary tract?