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  1. I went to my PCP today, told him I was still suffering from anxiety of thinking I had A^* of course he knows my history of being a hypochondriac. For the first time and I’ve known my doctor for quite some time he had told me his father had passed from ALS. So right off the bat I knew that he knew what to look for as far as symptoms. He said anxiety is very powerful and can make you feel awful and make you feel like your sick when you aren’t. The twitching all over body like @Holls said is caused from anxiety, he said the twitching and other symptoms in A*^ doesn’t just stop one day and come back to stop again. He told me once the thought of A^* is completely out of my head the twitching will gradually go away. He put me on Zoloft to take for a month to help me with the anxiety and once I’m more at ease I can come off. This forum really did a lot for me as far as accepting my HA and trying to help myself for it. Yes I’m still twitching and I know it’s caused from my HA I’m not going to beat myself up over it anymore. Again thank you to those who reached out to me and gave me the best advice they can during my struggle. Probably going to stay off for awhile to help ease my mind and I wish you all the best 🤙🏼🙏🏼😉
  2. Gotcha. The best thing is to tell yourself that it is your anxiety that is making you feel this way @Solafide3 the best thing that has helped me is that my symptoms come and go and I don’t feel weak I’m always working with my hands at work and that A^* symptoms don’t come and go. If you have them, it’s there and it’s noticeable and I’ve been coping with it well. I do feel the twitches like you said at night before I go to sleep, and I tell myself it’s my anxiety trying to get the better of me. I truly believe that you’ll go to the doctor tomorrow and he/she will say it’s anxiety as I’m hoping for my pcp to tell me... again as well. @Holls is great with the information she provides for us on here, definitely helps us to try to control our anxiety. Again keep us posted on tomorrow, you’ll be fine. 😉
  3. Can I ask you @Solafide3 do you feel weak? Like you can’t do anything? Like you can’t hold a coffee cup? Or even hold a pen?
  4. Hey holls quick question if my arms feel tired I assume this is part of anxiety and will take time to eventually go away correct?
  5. The only concern that I have right now is when I wake up, I wake up in a panic cause my hand is clenched close but goes away right away and again no weakness i pick up things no problem no struggle. I feel like I’m having trouble trying to get out what I have to say, I just think it’s the anxiety trying to get to me and my head
  6. Hi @Solafide3 I have an appointment with my PCP on Monday but yes the more information the better. I’ve been at work all day and I gotta say I really haven’t twitched at all which is starting to make me feel better and believe that it’s all anxiety related. Starting to feel confident that it isn’t A*^ ( sorry acronym still freaks me out a bit lol ) plus with the help of new friends I made on here has definitely help. Yes do let me know what your neuro says so I can kick this once for all and move on from it. Thank you again thank you to @Holls been so very very helpful 🙏🏼
  7. Thank you @Holls it’s nice to have that reassurance 👍🏼
  8. Silly question, I had a twitch in my arm for the past couple of weeks, it went away for 2 days then came back, still twitching in other parts of my body, but can I rule out als?? Sorry it’s been a struggle for me and I’m looking to seek help and I don’t feel weak
  9. @A11yance definitely keep up posted, you’re gonna be fine then you can clear your mind of this HA
  10. @A11yance thank you 🙏🏼. Please anyone else have advice do share please
  11. @Bobnnat @A11yance I’m seeing my GP on Monday just to get more peace on my mind that I don’t need to see a neuro I have no weakness. It’s just constantly on my mind I try to do whatever to clear my mind. The twitching still happens as I speak in my fingers the sores in my calves. I’m just really worried and concerned. I do plan to talk to someone for help
  12. Besides the twitching especially the ones in my fingers, my arms feel fatigued and my calves and shins are sore. I feel like one day I’m gonna wake up and can’t move anything. I go to work feel these things happening but I don’t let it get in the way of work. I’m a 32 year old male i plan of getting engaged in April and this fear has been making me struggle mentally and I’m afraid it’s going to interfere with my relationship. My girlfriend told me thousands of times it in my head. What’s the best thing for me to do now, should I see my doctor a second time for more clarity and possibly up the dosage on my Ativan? I’ve never been this bad before I just want to move on with life, especially knowing that these twitches are widespread and come on go. I’m trying really hard to accept that I don’t have “a**” but all these things keep happening
  13. Hi guys how are you? I’m really trying to get a piece of mind, been suffering from twitching the past few weeks in my biceps triceps back and front of my shoulders my right eyelid sometimes in my feet sometimes in my calves, I’ve just been a mess. This all started from a bad headache I was having a bit twitching on the side of my head and what did I do after feeling this? I went to google ( what a mistake that was) and first thing came up was als. I’ve worked myself up into a panic ever since. Then one of first symptoms that occurred twitching began shortly after that and from there I felt my muscles throughout my body mostly my arms wrist and calves and shins, but no weakness just my arms feel fatigued. I’ve been to my GP he was testing my strength with a physical examination and said I was good but my blood pressure was high. He said it was most likely due to anxiety and I can’t seem to shake it plus the twitching still happens not often but does occur a few times a day, then I noticed the twitching began in my two middle fingers. I’ve experienced twitching before just never ever like this. Another question I wanted to ask was I read that A** usually starts on one side of your body? Another thing I wanted to add was these symptoms come and go and pop up through out the day. Wanna say I had one solid day where there was nothing going on everything was good and the following day it started up again. My chiropractor said I shouldn’t worry I’m building this up too much I’ve just been freaking out mostly because of the twitching, what should I do to clear my head? My Gp put me on Ativan but it’s not doing much and again this all started after I went to google 🤦🏻‍♂️ I just wanna go back to the way I was and I’m fearing the worse