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  1. Well my name is Matt and I’m from Burlington, Ontario. I’ve been agoraphobic for almost 20 years but, wasn’t diagnosed until 15 years ago. When I was diagnosed I was put on meds(Paxil) and within two weeks my life went from not being able to step outside my house to driving an hour and a half up north to visit friends, my life had done a complete 180 and I was able to live my life again. Five years later the drugs had started to not work as well until eventually they didn’t at all and I lost everything, my wife, my house, my job and my kid. My mistake was not trying to overcome the agoraphobia while it was under control and instead living with the band-aid. It took some time but, eventually after trying a few other meds I stabilized and was able to live my life but, only partially as I still can’t work or travel too far a distance. As im sure you can understand this has made many things in life difficult including my love life as no woman wants to be with a guy with my issues. I’ve been receiving help now from many doctors and counselors and I’ve made progress but it’s slow going and not having much money makes doing certain things like exposure therapy somewhat difficult. Ive recently decided to go back to school to be a counselor myself so that perhaps I can help people in the same predicament I’m in and help them get past the hurdles I have and the ones I know I still need to overcome myself. It will take me a little longer than someone without my issues but I’ll get there I’m sure. I guess it would just be nice too talk and maybe even meet people in the same situation or who understand what I’m dealing with as even my family doesn’t really understand the fear I live with. So yeah that’s me in a nut shell and I hope to hear from somebody or everyone lol.