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  1. Oh really? Even then, since the gallbladder holds the bile, it has no where to go and goes straight to your stomach which can cause irritation and inflammation. I see this all the time (I’m an ultrasound tech). But if that’s not it, anxiety definitely messes up your stomach. Have you changed diets at all? I know my husband has a super sensitive stomach and eating anything abnormal throws him for a loop, even though he’s had all sorts of tests and they say he is fine.
  2. It could be gallbladder related? I know I get very sour stomachaches when I get very anxious and for me that has led to some gallbladder sludge (not stones yet) but it really helps drinking a lot of water and eating clean because junk foods seem to irritate it. But im sure it’s nothing serious,, my dr just gave me mylanta -.-
  3. I know how you feel. My son gets these blue veins on the inside of his eyes that I swear was a sign for cancer (they look like strange bruises) But after many doctors visits and blood tests (where I called everyday seeing if they got results in) he is absolutely perfect, just like your baby is. I know it is so hard but kids are so often sick. But they are also crazy resilient.
  4. So this is going to be kind of long, apologies in advance. All of my health worries started last year, my mom died very suddenly from a stroke. Completely out of the blue. Instantly I had headaches face numbness jaw pain I obsessed and obsessed I was going to have a stroke. Got a full check up at the doctors, everything fine. Then in December of last year I was in a really bad head on collision. I got checked quickly, had CT of stomach and X-ray of back and chest. Everything fine. Then this year I became pregnant as a surrogate mom. That ended up horribly in an emergency magnesium treatment and emergency c section because of very severe preeclampsia. Now my health anxiety has been through the roof and I believe that the car crash left me with thoracic outlet syndrome as I feel pain in all the areas noted and all the TOS exercises/stretches online are painful to do. Well what made me make this forum is because I totally scared my self senseless because one of the exercises was to put a rolled up towel on the floor and line it up along your spine and lay on it. Well I have some painful vertebrae in the thoracic area, have had since car accident. And well I put my back flat against the towel I swear to god my left side of my face started going numb. I darn near called an ambulance thinking I was having a stroke. Now I’m just in bed paranoid, jealous of my sleeping husband. The worst part is I am in between insurance because I had to use the surrogacy agencies insurance and that ended, now my insurance doesn’t resume again until January. I am seriously just at my wits end. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.