I have been doing ok... but lately not so much.. I'm having such a inability to focus

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I have kind of disappeared from this site for a bit and being more focused on my hobbies, like journaling, making jewelery, drawing, etc... it has been a good stress relief for me and I haven't had too many physical symptoms and have been managing well with my heath (ebv, and hashimotos) I even went on vacation to Minnesota a couple of weeks ago and that was nice. So all in all things have been really good....

Now though i am again stressed out and I work at a school as a teachers assistant and haven't been able to find a job and i only have 2 weeks left... Im so nervous.... the place that hired me last summer has marked me as unhirable because my anxiety got SO bad I just walked out on them so thats understandable and I even explained the situation but oh well.. Now its kind of crunch time and I'm nervous but I've been putting out 10 job apps daily and have a couple of interviews lined up right now....

I'm looking for stuff close by to me because I've really come to hate driving any sort of distance.

My parents live a half hour away and its even a chore to go over there sometimes...

I've come to hate even being in my own apartment. But I hate going out. Everything gives me anxiety and I don't even see my dr for another 2 months...

I'm just so overwhelmed.

I know thats life.... thats how it goes... but lately its been more bad than good for me, especially in the past year or so.

I wish I could find comfort in things and my art was helping me for a while but what do you guys do when you can't focus??

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Hi there:)Personally I think it's normal to be stressing out about some of these things. Money is a big stressor. You know how it goes though if you put in enough effort and you will land a job.What I do to relax is read,gaming,a nice drive and a whole host of other things. Occasionally I will find myself in a bad spot and I will move up my appointment with the doctor. Seems to help for whatever reason. Hang in there! 

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