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  1. Thanks you Utrocket - I appreciate you taking time to respond.
  2. So it seems like it's less swollen, not red, this morning but it feels kinda like shin splints on the inside of my lower leg although not with every step. The calf muscle feels a bit sore/tight. I was walking funny for two days compensating for the foot pain i was having which is now gone. My husband and I walk for 30 minutes each evening but other than that I'm not a big exerciser. Has anyone had this experience or something similar? I worry still about blood clots. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I have a play list of Christian Contemporary Music abour fear and anxiety - Trust in You - Lauren Daigle Breathe - Johnny Diaz Sparrows - Jason Ggray King of the World - Natalie Grant
  4. I have had this before and I believe it was from tension in the muscles from that side. They came for a while (on and off for a few days to a week) and then stopped. I was also worried but my husband, who has suffered with migraines and has educated himself on headaches to the point that he can carry on a doctor like conversation with his neurologist really thought it was tension from my anxiety. He massaged the area for me and it helped a lot. Hope you feel better soon - in the meantime maybe some Ibuprofen.
  5. Hi - I haven't written in a while but I have been on and have appreciated reading other forum postings and responses. I woke up this morning and noticed as I was putting lotion on my legs that there was a sore spot, really 2 on my left leg. I preface this by saying that yesterday I was experiencing pain in the bottom of the foot on that side as if I had plantar fasciitis. I was definitely walking differently to accommodate this. That seems to feel better today but I have a small bump right below my knee that hurts like a bruise, is slightly swollen and looks bruise like. Then further down on the same leg about 3 inches above the ankle I have a sore swollen area. My friends at work said it was likely the 2 weren't related and that the lower one was simply a reaction to a bug bite. It's slightly red, not hot and you can really only tell it's swollen by touching it so not sticking out. I'm worried about it and of course my HA is running a muck. I teach and my Head of School, who happens to have a doctorate in psychology and a little medical training, said she does not believe that it looks anything like a blood clot as she has had one herself in her leg. I told her a googled ( I know that was dumb) and read about soft tissue C*****. She said that is highly, highly unlikely as those things don't just appear overnight. I haven't noticed this before but of course I was then thinking what if it's been there a while and I'm just now noticing it. Any help or encouragement is greatly appreciated. I'm so frightened of doctors. I make myself go to my yearly physicals and pap smear and all checked out well in mid-June. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks guys for your responses - it really made me feel better.
  7. Welcome! You're at the right place. Health anxiety is so frustrating! I go through good and bad times and definitely have the same catastrophic thoughts that you are struggling with. Medication is not such a bad thing and I've definitely found success with my anxiety with it for the most part, but has caused weight gain and other side effects for me. I'm going without medicine right now and am definitely struggling more. I'm thinking of going back on just for that reason. Best wishes to you.
  8. Hi Everyone- I have been having pressure and a vice like feeling on mostly the right side of my head for 2 days now (a little on the left, but mostly the right). Advil seems to help, but it comes back once it wears off, although usually not immediately. I have just gotten over a cold in the last 1-2 weeks and I do have allergies. For a while, before this headache started, I was having pain in my neck behind my right ear that only hurt when I turned my head a certain way. That finally seems to have gone away and was replaced by this headache. My husband, who is a migraine sufferer, thinks it's just tension from my anxiety. Can that happen on just one side. I need some reassurance please. The pain isn't horrible, and in fact I went most of the day today not taking medicine but finally gave in at 3:00 pm. Thanks so much. Donna
  9. Hi - I have also had this problem and mine was related to a crystal coming g loose in my inner ear as was Weezie - it took between 6-8 weeks to go away on its own. This was in 2009 and there was no medicine for it, at least at the time. It was this very situation that started my health anxiety and catastrophic thinking that I still struggle with to this day. I have also heard other folks on here say that dizziness can just be a symptom of your anxiety. Best of luck. Donna
  10. Donna5657


    Good for you Kathy for seeing the anxiety cycle for what it is. We are all here because we all need support from each other so as far as I'm concerned post your thoughts anytime without fear of judgment. You're right - you beat it before and you will do it again! Hang in there! Donna
  11. I'm so happy for you Kathy!
  12. I totally understand. In my experience the receptionists aren't always good about getting the messages correctly to the right people so try not to read to much into it. If it was bad I would think he/she would have been on the phone to you already. I think they most likely let the normal results sit thinking - "no big deal...this can wait." vs. bad news needs to get to the patient more immediately. Hang in there..I'm so sorry you're going through this.
  13. I in no way want to preach but please try and stop smoking. Take it from someone who is caring for a terminally ill lung patient. Needing oxygen later in life is more than just a drag, it's life limiting and many smokers end up needing it with COPD or worse. If you've just started then hopefully you can easily quit. Again this is said in concern for your health later in life - take it or leave it.
  14. Hang in there Kathy - still praying for you and hoping you get those results asap so you can stop worrying. I had the same thoughts this week and kept imaging the dr. telling me all sorts of horrible things. It didn't happen and I am glad to have it over and put it behind me. Hoping the same thing for you too. Hugs, Donna
  15. Hi Kathy - good for you for doing so well during your ultrasound. As you know from my posts I totally freak out waiting for results too so I can relate. I think all these weird pains must be part of anxiety because I've been having some myself in my right leg and my left hip/ bottom area. Nothing is there that I can see so I'm going to just chalk it up to anxiety and try and forget about it and hope that when I do it goes away. When I first came down with health anxiety in 2009 the left half of my tongue went numb as well as part of my face and I felt dizzy. I thought for sure I had a brain tumor, but of course it was just my HA. It finally went away when I got my anxiety under control. My psychiatrist says that our brains are so powerful and can cause a multitude of symptoms. I wouldn't doubt they could explain everything you're dealing with. Hang in there and keep us posted. Praying for peace and healing of the symptoms regardless of the causes. Donna