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  1. I am also worried about IBD, because I am not sure..
  2. I was wondering, because I notice I have had first symptoms when my anxiety began, I get pain, bloating and cramping in my left side. And I tend to get constipated easily, I also try to avoid sweets, chocolate and high fat foods as much as I possibly can. But I used to eat that stuff all the time and it was no problem, until of course my anxiety began. Although I am 16, and my family tends to eat high fat foods, I'm not over weight, In fact I weigh 160lbs, 77kilos, my parents aren't over weight. And as far as I know I don't think IBS in my genes, but I haven't asked anyone. If I have IBS, can it be managed by a antidepressant, because I am on a antidepressant that doesnt cause constipation. And I was also wondering, is it something to worry about?, is IBS a sign for worse things in the future such as colon c****r or anything like that? I am just concerned.
  3. Xzanion

    Zolaf 100mg

    I don't want to know the side effects, because I am a hypochondriac, and if I know more of the side effects it makes my anxiety worse, my counselor told me that zolaf helps constipation, but I have been taking it for about 3-4 days now, and I have been constipated for around 3 days, and I was going to the washroom before then, but if you think it would be best not to worry about, then don't tell me if it hurts or helps my constipation, NOTE: don't tell me any other side effects of this medication, because my counselor said I should stay away from the side effects!
  4. Let me guess, muscles? Hahaha
  5. I have just this morning got this pressure righr under my left rib, not under the rib, but beneath it, like in the abdominal part, is this just muscles or an actual problem?
  6. I am 16, I am so tired of being paranoid about getting constipated, and getting more anxious, about the food I eat, I get bloated after EVERY meal I eat, it's annoying, it makes me feel limited, I seem to always get a little bit constipated, it's driving me nuts, I hate it, and I am currently tapering off 50mg trazodone, I just want to eat like every 16 year old, you know, no care about eating sweets, soda and chips. I am just so paranoid about eating that stuff because I dont want to be constipated or feel stomach sick or get more anxious. I JUST WANT TO GO BACK TO MY NORMAL EATING HABITS. I can't do this anymore, it's driving me into depression, and I just want to eat like I used to...
  7. Ok I'm 16, and I have recently got a cold/flu, and yes, I have bad anxiety, my stomach has been feeling very discomforting, and same with my chest and basically everything, I was feeling good before I got the cold/flu, But I am wondering, are my physical symptoms gonna be enhanced because of the illness that I have gotten, if so, how do I deal with it?
  8. But now I seem to be getting worse heart palpitations, and a racing heart, is this because the cold is making me weak?
  9. I'm 16, The reason I think I have pneumonia is because I have recently got a sinus cold, and my chest pain is worst then it has been in a while, and yes, I do suffer from anxiety, 3 and a half months to be exact, and I have been getting a congested head feeling, no difficulty breathing yet, so I am just wondering if my anxiety will cause worse chest pain when I have a common cold, because it's concerning.
  10. I am 16 and male, So I started getting this just a couple of days ago, and I am taking 2 medications, a blue inhaler and 50mg trazodone for sleep, and I am just concerned about this because it happened out of nowhere, and the pain is on and off pain, but I did have about 2 panic attacks yesterday and a couple the day before, and I thought cutting my dosage of med in half was a smart idea, and it wasn't, I did that 2 days ago, but is this my anxiety, or my medications or a real problem? I am just really concerned...
  11. I thought caffeinated drinks make anxiety worse?
  12. 16 y/o, This is concerning to me because they say that this could be a sign of a heart attack, but I have had it for a couple of days now, but I am not sure if it is indigestion, because I have been constipated for about 3 days now, and I just had a good bowel movement, but I still feel this weird feeling, and at times it kinda hurts.
  13. I'm 16, and I have been taking sleep aid medication for a week now, it works wonders, but the side effects are concerning, I just want to know if the medication is causing my unusual heart rate or anxiety is?
  14. I'm 16, and I have been taking this for a littlle over a week now, and I am not enjoying the side effects, it works to help me sleep at night, but when I get up in the morning I feel light headed, drowsiness, weakness, and I have been having constipation for about 3 days now, but I'm wondering, can I stop taking it for a couple of nights?, because the side effects are really annoying, or should I keep taking, and can I grow out of the side effects of medication if I take it for about 4-6 weeks?