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  1. So earlier this year and late 2015 I attended CBT. I went to it weekly for about 6 months and after that I started to see everything go away. Now it has come back and is far worse than it has ever been. I now have around 3 panic attacks daily which is starting to worry me. I can't go to public places without having one, can't talk to friends without having one and can't go to any kind of meeting such as doctors appointments or a place where this is a large room with an abundance of people like concerts etc. This year I wanted to try and find a part time job but I am 100% sure that I won't be able to attend a job interview because I will have to ask to leave and it will be embarrassing. The panic attacks are usually caused by me thinking "what if I have a panic attack and everyone judges me" but also happen at random sometimes. I don't think I can go back to CBT because of the same reason and I don't want to go on any medication. Do you think I might have a panic disorder? What can I do now because I'm afraid that it is going to affect my career later in life.
  2. Last year when I was 15 I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder which contained elements of OCD. I was recently scrolling through the internet and came across an article about intrusive thoughts or "pure-o". What it said was people with it would think about what if they could do something, for example if you were talking to someone you might think about murdering them and what would happen after or you are holding your phone and you think about throwing it out the car window. The article I seen listed other things which are similar to the ones I mentioned I have had this for a long time and it doesn't really affect my life much and no I'm not a psychopath not even close I would never harm anyone even in a fight. Would this be considered intrusive thoughts or pure-o?
  3. I was thinking about how my unhealthy eating and caffeine drinking would affect me and I started getting blurred vision, weird stiff chest feeling, breathing problems, chest pains and tingling in the back. I'm really worried as it has been 30 minutes later and I still have the stiff tight chest feeling and pains in and around that area and It's really scaring me. Is this normal or should I get help?
  4. So from time to time I get really disturbing thoughts that I will not mention here.. I don't know if it's to do with anxiety or OCD. But they are disturbing enough to put me into a state of shock and nausea. I was wondering do any of you guys get strange thoughts and images? I don't know how I feel about discussing this with my counselor
  5. My cat suddenly grabbed my hand and scratched and bit me multiple times in a playing manner. My hand is red and hot and I worry because she kills a bunch of mice and birds and I'm scared of getting an infection. I read this story of some guys cat biting him and he died from it. I watched it in soap and water but I'm really scared now and don't know what to do. Should I go to the A&E or will it be fine?
  6. On Thursday I broke my thumb. I went to the RVH, Belfast and they took a scan but made me wait for 5 hours then tried to say they called my name 4 times when they were clearly lying. I had to leave and wait to go to a different hospital. I went to a different one and I got the scan, they contacted the other hospital and got my results which I then found out that they were taken wrong so I got another scan here and results really quickly and they said they can't see where my thumb is broken because it was too badly swollen and they said leaving it too long without help could cause a permanent broken thumb. I'm really scared about this because the other hospital treated me badly and I didn't get help quickly.. I have a plaster cast on and I can't move my thumb and left part of my hand at all and it's making me feel really claustrophobic and I get panicky. I can't do anything because It's on the right hand and I am right handed. Does anyone have any advice to stay calm I can't take it off until 1st October when I get another scan when the swelling goes down
  7. I had constant headaches everyday for about 5 months along with eye floaters, sharp pain in head, nausea etc. I was almost sure I had one but after like 20 doctor visits I just gave up and my symptoms have cleared completely. I don't think you should worry about this and the stress is just making more physical symptoms.
  8. I was clear of any anxiety and all the symptoms for like 2 months. But today I kept getting stabbing pains in my head and it made me bad again. I just had one wasn't severe or anything but it made my eye sight funny and I had my first panic attack in a while. I don't know what to do. I'm convinced I'm sick again because of this. My symptoms started in December. Is it possible to have a brain disorder if my symptoms stopped for like 3 months? I'm really scared and confused and don't know what to think
  9. So lately I have been spelling words incorrectly which I never do and I mix up words in a sentence like for example "How are you", I would write "Are how you" instead. I've never really done anything like this before and it's been happening this week suddenly. It's worrying me that there's something wrong with my brain I have also had a few headaches this week too. Is this normal?
  10. I have had insomnia for over 7 months now. I was put on medication which helped but they decided to stop giving me it. I haven't slept in the past week and when I do it's at like 7am. Is there anything I can do to get to sleep? I had to stay off school loads of times because of no sleep and then with anxiety I failed my gcse's for this year.
  11. Please try bach rescue remedy it really helps me in those times. I'm sorry to hear about your dad too
  12. Ok so since I was younger I would always eat chicken, chips and all that bad stuff. I still do to this day but am changing it to vegetable soup and pasta. When I get anxious I crave sweet unhealthy things like coke, chocolate etc. Now I'm afraid that I will drop from a heart attack suddenly. I used to drink coke every day for like 2 years but swapped it out for water (I'm now compulsively drinking like 3 bottles a day) which is probably good anyway. But I just find it very hard to change and it's worrying me a lot. Please reply if you have any advice. Thanks!
  13. So today I found a blue mole on my face.. I have bad acne and it could have been a result of scratching or something. But, the thing is I was in Paris 2 weeks ago and it was extremely hot, 36 degrees celsius and I never put sun screen on my face. I'm so worried because it all links on. I can't even sleep at night because of things like this. Here is a picture of what it looks like (My head looks strange because I rushed to take the photo)
  14. It lasted for 5 hours or so then it went away