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  1. Yeah I know, it was just at the moment it was overwhelming. Thanks for the replys.
  2. I know catfish is a tv show, but its more reailty then anything on tv now. Pretending to be someone else on the internet is easier then life itself. Somehow the anxiety to be perfect doesn't exist. Guess thats what life feels for me now. I have more people in my life on the internet then my real life. Judging people just sucks, but I know its never gonna change. I'm just living (or a lack of) my life as it is. Sorry if it's confusing how I wrote it.
  3. I was at work, realizing how lame and pathetic my job really is. I was using 2% of my brain at best. People at my job bore the shit out of me, they only talk about rap and how hard their job is. So i play my PS Vita and ignore people on break. I hate feeling like i'm missing out on something. people act like they are happy around other people. perhaps asking this isn't worth it. what exactly is happiness but a chemical in your brain?
  4. Ignoring the world playing my music.

  5. I seen it at the worst state, he was having major pain for a week. Try to see a doctor before it gets to that state.
  6. yikes, the spacing on the post is enough to fill the list itself. i'll think about your offer.
  7. has anyone seen the alice in wonderland with real actors? That gave me nightmares as a child.
  8. Speaking of Yu-Gi-Oh, i used to run the tournaments in Toys r us. Of course I let my younger brother get all the freebiess left over. I was too old to really see the value, but my bro saw the perks of the being spoiled. On topic, I personally been sketching since i was young. Its all self taught, so I learned to copy imagines. Also to memorize anatomy to make my own manga. It helps take my mind off things.
  9. Toy story 3 was WAY too dark for kids...I'd have to go with lilo and stitch. not a big fan of classics.
  10. Well apologies on making you break a cardinal rule of never wanting to use #. Thanks for the reassurance. ...I do tweet regularly...
  11. I know it sounds nutter then a squirrel turd.... I feel like people judge on what you post on this site as well. Like everything has to be perfect when people read your posts and it has to be interesting. Perhaps I'm reading too much into this. Trying to shut my mind off as we speak.
  12. Here's what not to do, I am guilty of doing this since i work the 3rd shift. Avoid energy overload to keep awake, disrupts your natural pattern for the day.
  13. Ryhou


    I been reading your posts, i'm glad your better. Make sure the cat gets some good treats with those pets!
  14. Playing Facebook games...ask if you want friend me if you play as well...