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    I read a lot,play piano,write music,spend a lot of time online,I like helping others so I can stop thinking about m y own problems.I like adding to my facebbook page.
  1. Thats what happens when you cant edit your own post after.
  2. I've been ill several years dure to OCD,CFS and agoraphobia.I decided I need to brush up on some social skills when I have to go deal with interviews for various services,etc. I shopped around and found some great books on just how to start a conversation.Here are the ones I recommend: Then there are books for guys to brush up on their social skills of how to meet women.Books on which types of women to avoid and why.Books on women's body language,etc.Any guy that has problems in those social situations be assured there are books for it. I read a lot while I have the time.I shop around to find books that are ideal for my own situation.If you find any books please recommend them. There are books for women too for various social situations.There's a lot of books for women to recognise the signs when things arent going right in relationships. We can all benefit from this book:
  3. I dont get in this forum much.I havent been in here until a few weeks ago.Anyway just wanted to say hi from Australia. I'm Chris.I've almost recovered from OCD,I've had chronic fatigue syndrome since 2000 and dont go anywhere because of it.That makes me agoraphobic. I look after myself as I intend to be healthier each day. Hi to the other aussies here. If you would like to compare notes I'll be glad to help. Chris.
  4. Muscle testing is another way to get the body to tell you where problems are then the practitioner can correct them.Its using similar pressure points used in accupunture.If it works for me its worth doing.
  5. Hi Taran.Thank you for the link.I'll have a look there and have a good read. I found this poem.It was written by a woman for her lover.I've never seen any poem that overwhelmed me.And,I'm a guy. Thanks again for the links to that poetry site. Chris.
  6. Probably not the best choice of posting that topic but anyway.I''ve been reading love poems and I would like to find more.Thaose romantic/dreamy/falling in love is that type of poems I like reading.Can anyone point me in the right direction? If you know of any websites to read good love poems.A few years ago I saw a website but I cant remember what its was called. Thanks. Chris.
  7. Hi Poni. I've leant a lot in my lifetime.I'm 51. You can see their website here: Its a very popular treatment and a lot of various practitioners are learning this.Its now 25 years old.As all of us have emotional issues,no one is immune from that,but if we get rid of these issues then our overall health improves because of it.For most people they will just have it done and get rid ofv their problems and thats it.For people like you and I we prefer to learn about these things that help heal our bodies. The changes to my life because of NET has been life changing.There have been so many times in my life where being cured of those issues changed the direction in my life.Its changed me for the better.I like who I am. All forms of muscle testing and the respective techniques that I've had done right up to date have improved the quality of my life.They have improved me and made me a better person.My body is functioning so well now.Its functioning the way its supposed to and my chiro still doesnt know how much more work needs to be done.I'm not concerned,it means there's more good things to look forward to. I will give an example of a problem that NET cured.I had this problem for 35 years.I used to be nervous around pretty women.When I was first asked if I'd like to try NET my chiro back then asked me to think of a problem i've had for years.That was the big issue I thought I'd like to get rid of.IIt worked out that at age 18 months old,I was sitting with my sister (who is 18 months older than me)and our same aged neighbour.While I was holding a pretty faced doll of my sisters.Our neighbour punched me,frightening me in the process.Thats when my brain registered the "program" nervous reaction to pretty face".Within 10 minutes it was gone.I havent had the problem since.About a week later i was at a local shopping centre near here.Whilst I was in the newsagents a very beauful woman walked in.I looke over and then got back on with looking for a magazine to buy.As I approached the counter she looked at me and we said hello.It wasnt until I got home after that I realised I hadnt been nervous.What a moment.From that first treatment onwards we got rid of all emotional issue I could think of. I would suggest this to everyone who is going to have NET,Make a list of your worst emotional issues ever! Make the worst ones a priorityThey go first..It it messes up your life then its a priority.I got rid of grief,anger,resentment,frozen will,fears,low self esteem issues and every other emotional issue I could think of.The best thing to realise is you dont skip an issue.Let NET determine if its still there.If it is,NET will get rid of it,if it isnt there you just move on to the next issue. NET didnt help with ocd but I would encourage people to have it done to see if there's a contributing factor.My chiro does a lot of muscle testing techniques that have helped me get to this point where I'm almost cured of ocd. Catch up soon. REgards Chris.
  8. Hi Poni. Thanks for the reply. My chiro does all those muscle testing techniques.I've had about 4 chiros who all did similar things.My current chiro had been trained in more recent times to do more thorough techniques and this is what has almost cured me of ocd. I understand what my chiro does.He cant figure out why I understand it.I learnt about this muscle testing when in 1997 I had a chiro,my current chiros friend who was also trained at the same time and same places,From my first treatment my coordination with left brain/right brain function made my piano playing so much better,I play piano too fast for my eyes to keep up with what I'm doing.I have to watch tv if I'm playing the piano. Then in 1998,I was offered Neuro Emotional Technique.This really convinced me of muscle testing.I'm a different person since then because of all the emotinal issues I've had,espicially the worst ones are gone.Its very healthy.Getting rid of all those subluxations makes for a very health body. I did buy the book on N.E.T direct from USA. There is a website, I dont know the namers of all the techniques.I'm just better in my body and my life because of it. You are welcome to contact mer privately if you want. Regards Chris.
  9. Hi Poni. Thank you. Chris from Adelaide,Australia.
  10. I agree.Hoarding should be recognised as holding onto useless and unnessasary items.These should be listed as rubbish,recylables,damaged items,etc.
  11. Hi again. I had found that if youn look around that there are practitioner who will make house calls.It costs a little extra but I dont have the choice. Resting and sleeping after a treatment is the best thing to do.It helps the body process the changes a little better. I live a sensible lifestyle food wise of fresh foods:fresh fruit,fresh vegatable,bottled spring water,cooking in the ovejn by baking meals.No deep frying here.I cut out salt,sugar,caffeine,,etc.Its a healthier lifestlyle.
  12. Hi again. I was a hoarder.I just never threw things out.Ocd dictated that.One of the many things ocd made me do was it prevented me throwing out things.I hated it.There are people who dont have ocd but just dont want to part with their belongings.I have various collectibles in my home and the longer I keep them the more sentimental value they have as well as more overall value goes up if I keep them.
  13. Hi. Right from the start I had decided that ocd had to go.I wasnt going to put up with this.As I had been treated by chiropractors who specialise in muscle testing techniques I continued on with them.I had heard about Kinesiology son I started looking for a kinesiologist.After about 3 I found one but after about 8 months I realised what I needed I had to keep looking.In July 2009 my current chiropractor,a muscle testing practitioner,offered to help me.I've beenn treated by him since.He has 3 other clients with ocd. I havent recovered.I am recovering.Most of the rituals are gone and there are still some minor things I cant do.And,as for chronic fatigue thats reducing.Its not as basd as it was.I can do more energy wise. I understand how this muscle testing works.They muscle test each pressure point on the torso.These are conected to the various organs.During testing,if a presuure point shows its week then they activate it to give that organ a boost.It then starts to function.They test all pressurec points,in a specific order.They need to get all pressure point/organs functioning first before they move onto pressure points around the head.Same process again.This is where the treatments take longer.Mainly from one treatment to the next.The body can take weeks before it is ready to go to the next level of treatments.My treatments are done in under 15 minutes. What have you done to get where you are at this point? Regards Chris.
  14. G'day from Australia. Thanks for your reply. Its nice to hear that there is someone else on their way to recovery.Please feel free to reply again anytime.We can compare notes if you want.I'll explain what I've been doing to get this far.I posted in the ocd section. Regards Chris.